• Rule books for weddings – pffft no such thing in the word of Jade Maguire Photography
  • I’m all about naturalness and getting the natural emotions out of you.
  • I’m obsessed with dogs – the more 4 legged fur babies at a wedding the better.
  • I call myself the wedding ninja, because you’ll get images that you didn’t even know happened.
  • Untraditional weddings are my jam!

About Us…

Hiya, I’m Jade from Jade Maguire Photography, I live in North Wales. Pfft let me stop that right there. Let me guess you’ve heard this kind of thing and read this kind of thing a million times before, and you are wondering why you should continue reading, well let me tell you why!

I’m a daydreamer, obsessed with love and the idea of love. A fierce believer in being different, crossing those lines so many people seem fearful of even smudging and doing things in a unique way that makes me…me!

Intrigued!? – Thought so! So here’s my story….

Do you know what, I haven’t always been brave enough to colour outside of the lines, but planning my wedding was what changed my view. I was spending ridiculous amounts of coin, yet felt I was trying to please both sets of parents who wanted the stringent traditions; errr hellll no… I suddenly thought ‘this is OUR day’ so I scrapped every little ‘boring tradition’ that the ‘rents wanted and off I went and planned a quirky medieval wedding in a castle, that was all about epic entertainment and shear amounts of fun, there’s not many people who can say ‘I had an Ibiza style rave, in a medieval castle with my new husband at my side’ well I can, we can… and it’s the best memories imaginable.

I didn’t want the heavily posed images, the family shots all standing in a perfect line, the forced smiles with somebody shouting ‘say cheese’ at me, NO, I wanted somebody to capture those ‘real’ moments, as I do now! I LOVE the naturalness, most romantic images all teamed with documenting the hilarity, tears, silly faces, dancing like nobodies watching, the bride necking a line of jagerbombs, mum trying a shot of tequila for the first time and pulling the ‘that was rotten’ face after it, every little tiny moment is what I LOVE. This is why I do what I do, because I have a love for the different, a love for the emotions and an even bigger love providing this wonderful gift time after to new amazing forever couples.

I’m fortunate enough to say that I am a photographer for the different, the bold, wild at heart, courageous, free-spirited adventurers who colour outside of the lines, the couples who want to tell their unique story. I’ve been lucky enough to document so many amazing and unique weddings in the years that I have been a wedding photographer both in the UK and abroad, ranging from festivals to raves, from elopements to woodland hand fasting…and so many more in between.

Does this sound like you?…

Does this sound like a wedding you’re planning?

Yes?… you know what to do!

Ideal for…

The couples who really want to throw away the rule book, the egdy the quirky the way out free spirited brides and grooms. The couples who appreciate that photography is art.

What Makes Us Unique…

Well every single of one of us is unique, but with me I like to think I’m a little more unique than most. Firstly I totally get how important it is to break away from tradition and plan a wedding that’s so true to your beautiful souls, but also I want to be able to give you EPIC couples a gift… a gift of your emotions flooding back to you in fluttering whirlwinds with every image you view of your final wedding collection. When you see the first kiss, you’ll remember the fluttering feeling in your tummy you had the time, right through to that image of the Jagertrain… you’ll remember the hangover next day. I’m a proud story teller, and an emotive one at that!