• Collaborative approach to weddings (we’re in this together)
  • A focus on the creative
  • I believe strongly in being of service
  • I’m a nice guy
  • Less talk, more coffee

About Us…

Howdy. I’m Jason from Jason Williams Photography; an alternative and artistic wedding photographer in Hampshire who travels wherever the wind may take me. I love all things creative, I love authenticity, I love people in love and I love what I do very much.

I got into this wedding photography lark as an escape form the mundane. I seek adventure. I think back about when I made the jump from full time engineer to full time photographer and it always makes me think “how did I do that?” How did I have the guts? I now live my life with that same attitude – to do anything in life worthwhile, you have to jump. I think that shows in my work and how I see weddings – an adventure; a collaboration with two people who have also made the jump. Two people who have given their hearts to one another with no looking back. This is the juice for me – being a part of this story and telling that story through my camera.

I’m a very lucky guy. I have an amazing wife, Jen, an equally amazing son called Dexter, and a not so amazing and frankly scruffy dog called Hendrix (who is actually still quite amazing really). I get to travel, meet new people, I get to pay my bills with my camera. We live a simple life and love nothing more than simply hanging out together.

Ideal for…

Anyone with a sense of adventure who has love to burn.

What Makes Us Unique…

Oh man, who knows. I’m not sure I can answer that. We’re all unique, but then we’re all the same.

I try to create collections of images which people maybe aren’t used to seeing in wedding collections. I look for narrative, for beauty in the mundane, for interest. I never shoot two wedding the same and I am always looking to experiment. Often my couples are creative souls and together we create something more than wedding photos.

I love my couples and I love my work. Saying I am “passionate” is somewhat of a cliche, but I am very much so.