• I’m a documentary ninja. I don’t hide in the bushes – I just blend in really well so I get the most natural stuff.
  • I know just how to put people at ease – which makes me perfect for camera shy couples
  • Boundless energy, so I’m told
  • Fun, relaxed and total informal style
  • I’m all about the joy and emotion of the day. You won’t just have a record of it to look back on – you’ll be reliving it.

About Us…

Hello! I’m Kate from Kate Jackson Photography. I love dancing (like no one is watching of course), Netflix binges, exploring the world, decent coffee and spending time with my nephew. I live in striped tops and I have an unhealthy obsession with carmex lip salve, I’m never without. I love good music, and by good I mean anything from Queens of the Stone Age to Taylor Swift. I am happiest with the people that make me laugh like a loon. I am nothing if not eclectic!

Let’s cut to the chase, whatever type of wedding you’ve got planned, I want to know about it. Your wedding is unique, and if you tell me there is going to be a tug of war between guests then I will be right there with you, just like I will if you’ve planned a string quartet with chilled out vibes. I will get excited no matter what you’ve got planned for your day. From an overseas elopement to a knees up in your local pub, I love shooting weddings and couldn’t think of a more fun job.

I’m ready for couples who want their photographer to feel like a friend. I’ll cry during the speeches, dance at the disco and have a good belly laugh with your mates. You may not always like having your photo taken, so let me take care of that and put you at ease. You may not always like having your photo taken, so let me take care of that and put you at ease. Photography doesn’t have to be high on your list for priorities and that’s cool – the most important thing to you is that you have a blast, and have a few photos to prove it.

Every couple I work with has their very own vibe, and it’s important for me to capture that in a way that makes you say ‘yep, that’s us!’. Official family photos certainly have their place but they go ever so nicely alongside a ton of happy, candid and natural photos of you.

Sound like you? Let’s chat!

Ideal for…

Couples that are planning on having a really relaxed and fun day, you probably don’t like having your photo taken but you definitely want some evidence of all the wonderful things going on.

What Makes Us Unique…

I have a fun, creative and totally relaxed style of shooting – I immerse myself in the experience of your wedding day and capture moments right from the thick of the action. And make lots of friends along the way.

Watch Me..