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Le Swine_0001 Best Gourmet Bacon Butty in Town… 

Today our Meet The Supplier feature is about one of our newest Mr & Mrs Unique recruits, Le Swine. Now, Im happy to say that this catering company gets me all excited as i love to find new companies that really stand out. Not only is the passion behind the team clear, they serve their gourmet free-range bacon butty (optional egg) from a 1969 Austin Morris Ambulance… how frigging cool is that!!!

Just imagine them turning up for your wedding or event and serving lip smacking, delicious bacon butty from that beauty! Whether its for daytime, evening buffet or for the following morning breakfast treat… you need to check them out! Here James from Le Swine tells us about his passion for what he does and what he can bring to your event…


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Tell us a bit about your business…

Le Swine is all about taking something humble and turning it into something spectacular. This idea runs throughout our business, from our Bacon Butty to the Ambulance it is served from. We want to introduce people to a Bacon Butty like they’ve never tasted before!

What made you start up the business…

Le Swine was born from a simple bacon butty that had been made for a morning meeting, whilst I was working with my mentor Bruno Loubet in London. 

After getting to work early (to pilfer one of ze old man’s latest creations for that morning’s meeting) I was blown away by just how good a bacon butty could taste! To take something that humble, and elevate to such a level really inspired me. Unfortunately, Bruno was not impressed with his missing bacon butty, but after the red mist had settled, he was encouraged by my excitement and passion to take the ultimate bacon butty to the streets of London and beyond! So after a year developing the butty and searching the country for the finest local, fat piggies, Bruno backed the business and I launched Le Swine!

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What makes you Unique…

Our concept is simple, taking truly humble and familiar porky classics to exciting new heights. We aim to raise the expectations of the bacon butty to a taste sensation your guests will crave. All served up from our unique snouty showpiece. Le Swine will be an unforgettable experience both you and your guests will cherish.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best quality produce from people who share our philosophy for food. Our finest free range pork comes from a farmer who believes, as we do, that the best quality meat comes from happy, healthy pigs, kept naturally and free to roam. It’s important to us that we support small-scale farmers who truly care about their animals. Our bread is our own closely guarded recipe and baked locally and we even use our own recipe bacon butter and ketchups!! For us we wanted to put passion into every component of the bacon butty and this ours unique and unforgettable!

Our 1969 Austin Morris Ambulance is truly a unique vehicle. From the moment I saw it, I knew the British Classic was the only one for Le Swine. We’ve attended several vintage events with her, and people adore what we’ve done with her. She still has her siren on top, which is always a crowd pleaser! To serve up our gourmet grub from such a beauty I think makes us a unique and special addition to any occasion.

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What kind of couples match your style of service…

Everyone loves a bacon butty! So I would say we match most people’s requirements. However, as we serve from a vintage ambulance we have a lot of interest from people with vintage wedding themes or who are looking for something a little different to wow their guests.

It’s very important for most couples that the vehicle the food is served from is as appealing as the food being served from it which is why Le Swine is such a good fit. We’ve gone to a variety of different locations, from farmers fields to outside top end bars in London, so we’re always excited to hear about different opportunities couples might have in mind.

We can operate a street food style service when people come up and order or in the past we’ve done more traditional style catering. The most important thing for us is that we always make sure we can be as adaptable as possible to give couples the bespoke experience desire, to complement their special day.

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Tells us what you love about your business…

This is something we talk about everyday. Without doubt the best part about Street Food is the relationships you form with your customers and their willingness to invest themselves into your concept and really care about their food.

We love watching people’s reactions when they bite into their first butty (which is certainly never their last!). The excitement and surprise of the flavours that greet them always puts a smile on our face.

We love being at new events and places, and meeting new people. Having spent 5 years in the kitchen as a chef, food is my passion. To be able to share this with people directly and really engage with them about our food is what drives me.

Most favourite event/ wedding…

We’ve got a busy summer ahead of us attending a variety of events, special occasions and festivals, including Wilderness and Greenman, and we were delighted to be invited back to Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival, which we’re really excited about.

To date though, I’d say our favourite event was our debut at Big Feastival last year, when we fed close to 2000 very happy campers. As our first event, we brought some friends and family along, and camped out in the field over the 4 days. We met people with a real passion for food, who were really excited to hear our story, taste our butty and get the Le Swine experience. It was great weekend and we sold out to boot!

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People’s reaction to your business…

When we’re driving around London we love seeing people who stop and point, smile, or take a picture as go past. Sometimes we even get people pulling up next to us to tell us how much they like it or ask what we do. It’s great to see people getting so much enjoyment out of it.

People are always intrigued to hear how we started, how we converted the ambulance, and most importantly to taste our butty! It’s great when people come back to tell us how much they enjoyed the butty, bring their friends back or get a cheeky selfy with their butty and Ambulance. We even put little pigtails on the back of our t-shirts; it always raises a smile! We want our customers to be involved with what we do and feel a part of it, after all, where would we be without them!

Future plans…

We’re always looking for new opportunities and places to take the Ambulance. Really for us our future plans at the moment are to continue to spread the word about Le Swine. We want to show people how great humble food can taste when you put in a bit of flair and a lot of love.

Welcome to the team Le Swine!! Im just loving your passion for what you do and just looking at your food makes me seriously hungry!

To check out their website visit here or pop over to our supplier directory here

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