Lockdown, Wedding Postponement and the Unwedding of Hannah + Ben…

Lockdown, a Wedding postponement, and the Unwedding of Hannah + Ben…

Hannah and Ben are both in the wedding industry (Steel and Oak Co. photos + film) and when the pandemic hit not only was their business affected by the lockdown, they also had to postpone their own wedding!

Even with everything going on around them, as a wedding photographer and videographer duo, they did not want their wedding date to come and go without capturing it in some way. So they grab their best mate Xantha from Xantha Wedding Photography and hit the beach for some rather AMAZING portraits.

What Hannah didn’t know was that Ben had organised a surprise ‘Unwedding‘ gathering of a few close friends in their garden to remember the date in style! Yes, there were lots of tears, laughter and an epic ‘it was a shit day anyway‘ unwedding cake!

Over to Hannah and Ben to tell us more…

Hannah + Ben…

How long you have been together?

We have been together for nearly 8 years now. 

When was your original wedding date and what kind of day had you planned? 

Our original date was planned for 22nd June 2020, we had planned a beautiful wedding, forest green and gold was our colour scheme. We were going for a mix of luxury and rock and alternative 🤘

How did you both feel when you realised lockdown would mean you would have to postpone your wedding day? 

Myself being a bride I was gutted, I did spend most of my time crying about the whole situation, you spend so much time and stress into planning a wedding the thought of re-doing guest RSVPS made me feel much worse haha!  

How was the process of changing your plans and do you have any advice to couples still trying to navigate their way through this? 

As wedding photographers and videographers ourselves we totally got how difficult it was for both sides. 100% I would say work with your suppliers on dates that they can do, possibly pencil in a back up date if your day is coming up.  Also, make sure you plan something for the original date, it was so nice to be with a small group of friends on what would have been our day.  

Do you have a new wedding date sorted? Are your plans the same?

We are due to have our day in November but have requested a backup date from our venue just in case. We are super hopeful November will be ok, but it’s mainly down to numbers as we have a large number of guests. Change wise, I think I need to go to the gym… I’ve eaten way too many brownies and cake in lockdown I will not fit into my wedding dress haha! 

How did you spend your original wedding date in the end?  

Our best friend Xanthe asked if we wanted to go do photos, I love to dress up so I grabbed a black dress and veil from ASOS and she did bridal prep photos for me, took us to the beach, and made it feel like it was my day. I cried a lot so I didn’t wear as much makeup as usual. I was feeling really rubbish and then we had to go home, Ben covered my face with a t-shirt and said he got me a surprise and led me into the house ( felt more like I was being kidnapped it wasn’t romantic at all ) when I was stood by the back gate to our garden I could hear purple rain playing. I asked Ben why my favourite song was on. Walked into our garden ( no sorry Ben took the t-shirt off from around my face and pushed me into the garden haha ) and I got a massive surprise and confetti from a small group of our friends, I cried so much I didn’t have a clue. They had decorated the whole garden, put up a balloon wall, and made a sign for me it was so lovely.  

What have you learned about yourselves and as a couple going through this? 

That you don’t need a massive wedding, I had such a great day just with Ben and Xanthe and a small group of friends. Also learned that we can actually live and work together without murdering each other haha 

What are you most looking forward too when lockdown restrictions lift? 

Our wedding day, I can’t wait for it. I just want to be with our family and friends again, also looking forward to my wedding cake 🤣 🤘


Photography: Xanthe Rowland Photography 

Videography: Steel and Oak Photography 

Cake: Forever and a Daydream


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