Love is not cancelled – Lockdown love stories

Lockdown Love…

Zoe and Christian had planned a June 2020 wedding, which sadly was postponed due to the lockdown. Like many couples who have chose 2020 for their wedding year, they had to make the decision whether to move it to a later date when all their friends and family could attend, or wait until lockdown was lifted and have an intimate ceremony instead. They decided to go ahead with the later.

Their wedding photographer Stephanie Butt reached out to them and suggested a social distancing photo shoot to celebrate and mark their original wedding date. So off the three of them went to wonder the empty streets of Digbeth in Birmingham. I love the photos of them dancing in the empty graffiti streets; embracing in the rain and laughing under clouds of rainbow confetti!

Today we chat with them about how they felt about lockdown, how they made changes to their original wedding plans and what they learnt about the experience…

Zoe & Christian…

Tell us a bit about you and how long you have been together…

We are from Sutton Coldfield and are great lovers of B’ham and the Midlands.  We are both cat lovers, massive foodies and enjoy a cheeky drink or two!  We have been together just over 4 years now. We met whilst working in Hampshire, another place we love very much! 

When was your original wedding date and what kind of day had you planned?

Saturday 6 June 2020. We had planned a vintage style afternoon wedding, with a champagne afternoon tea. The Bluebird Belles were going to be performing during the reception.  Following this we had an evening celebration inclusive of lots of dancing, a vintage photo booth and lots of delicious food and drinks!

How did you both feel when you realised that lockdown meant you would have to postpone your wedding day?

A mix of feelings, to be honest we knew worse things were happening and that we still had each other and would get married eventually so although it wasn’t a nice experience to cancel something we had worked so hard on, it wasnt the end of the world.  We just wanted to make the best we could of the situation and stay happy. 

How was the process of changing your plans and do you have any advice to couples still trying to navigate their way through this?

It was an adventure! With lots of chops and changes.  We were very lucky as we chose our suppliers very carefully, picking local businesses and making sure we liked the people and what they were all about.  They have been amazing throughout this whole process and we are very thankful for that.  We don’t know that we could advise as every wedding/situation/couple is different, but we would just say to stay positive, make the best of what you can and stay true to what’s important to you. 

Do you have a new wedding date sorted? And if so, what are your plans?

Yes, we got married on Sunday 2 August. We kept it small with 16 guests, including our immediate family and a few of our closest friends. It was an afternoon ceremony followed by a mini celebration toasting with champagne and cake!  Then in the evening we went for dinner just the two of us.

How did you spend your original wedding date in the end?

We went to Onthebreadline (our favourite bakery) in the morning to get some delicious bread and cakes as a treat  We then had some chill time in the morning before getting ready, as in the afternoon we had our engagement shoot in Digbeth with the lovely Stephanie Butt which was sooo much fun, followed by lots of champagne and a nice dinner at home!

What have you learnt about yourselves and as a couple going through this?

We really enjoy each others company and work well as a team…we do kind of think we knew that already but this year has definitely confirmed it! and in so many new ways!  We both have learnt alot about people…and ‘things’ and perspectives.

What are you most looking forward too when lockdown restrictions lift?

Lockdown has started to lift now, but for us, following our work commitments from this year into the next, we hope when it’s safe and practical to start travelling again. We have definitely missed being able to explore and see new things and have felt its absence during these uncertain times. 

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