• It’s a golden pineapple!
  • Horsebox conversions are common place - the Lucky Pineapple is setting a new direction in custom trailers and creative mobile bar offerings.
  • Lucky Pineapple is a tap bar - meaning no queues, consistency, great presentation & service!
  • Lucky Pineapple offers a range of amazing add ons to help make your day even more special
  • Founder Hayley has years of experience in end to end event management 

About Us…

The Lucky Pineapple bar is a spectacle – the first and only giant golden pineapple on wheels and a photo worthy feature to surprise & delight your guests. Serving drinks across the full bar offering, Lucky Pineapple serves everything from cocktails and mocktails, to beer and fizz, and spirits & mixers. The perfect party piece to get your celebrations started!

Working with you on your ideal running order of the day, the Lucky Pineapple team offer an end-to-end event service experience. From a classic cocktail reception, serving guests on trays, right through to the full-on party bar experience with lights, DJs and dancing around the Pineapple!

Lucky Pineapple are proud to work with high quality suppliers and partner with small businesses wherever possible. They can tailor their menu to most events, but their core offering of cocktails includes a range of classics, as well as Lucky Pineapple twists made with fresh fruit purees & homemade syrups. From edible gold to gorgeous seasonal fruits and flowers – all the little details ensure that our drinks hit that photo worthy sweet spot, as well as taste exceptional.

If you’re looking for a more personalised touch, ask us about our customisable garnishes and drink details – from custom swizzle sticks, to edible logos on your martinis.

Is the Pineapple too big or not quite the set up you’re looking for? Lucky Pineapple have a smaller (yet equally as fabulous!) pop-up bar for those occasions where the Pineapple trailer is not suitable, but you still want some of the brand’s spirit and style at your event!

What Makes Us Unique…

We know a thing or two about epic event style and providing amazing party vibes. Our bars have been meticulously designed & lovingly built to stand out from the crowd and wow our guests – event props & stunning centrepieces that just so happen to serve the coolest cocktails in town.

We love to customise our cocktails to event themes, or add personalised touches.

Further to the props & lighting that comes included in each bar set up, we will also work with you on any preferred theming or styling for your party.

Style, service & soul is at the heart of what we do – a love for making special events stand out is why we do it!


Lucky Pineapple will travel to all UK locations for a great party!

Lucky Pineapple has two stunning bar set ups available to hire. First, the Lucky Pineapple trailer and second, a smaller gold mirror pop-up bar (Little Lucky Pineapple).

The former is a large trailer – so there are some access considerations. The latter is a more traditional (yet equally as fun!) set up, that is more suited to most indoor venues.