• Fresh, colourful editing style that won’t age over time
  • Natural documentary photos which means you can carry on enjoying your wedding day
  • You get the edited jpgs on a USB with the royalty free license a.k.a personal use allowance extended to friends and families- which means your parents don’t have to pay extra for prints afterwards!
  • Unlimited hours- Weddings in different cultures vary in their average length of time, I don’t discriminate and instead you have me for the day, to tell whatever your wedding story might be.
  • I specialise in getting hilarious photos of drunk guest dancing, perfect blackmail material on your friends for all eternity.

About Us…

Marianne Chua Photography specialises in natural wedding photography with a fun and quirky twist on the documentary style. My photos have an emphasis on bold colours, real moments and raw emotions. I’m based in London but I travel all over the world shooting elopements and mahoosive parties! I provide not only a record of your memories, but also cover lots of the guest action that goes on wherever you aren’t!

Ideal for…

Couples who want to spend their day with their friends and family, nomming food and guzzling booze! Although photography is important, the photographer shouldn’t be an invasive part of your wedding day; you want to focus on getting married and enjoying yourself!

What Makes Us Unique…

I’m unapologetically feminist and run my wedding photography ship in a way that fits with my personal values, I’m against photoshopping people’s bodies and I believe that airbrushing removes character, I think people look their best when they’re just laughing and having a good time!

Watch Me…