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Becky Male PhotographyBecky Male Photography…

Today on ‘Meet The Supplier’ we speak to the lovely Becky from Becky Male Photography. Becky has been listed as a supplier for Mr & Mrs Unique for a while, but she has been a busy bee recently so I thought we would have a catch up and share with you a bit of information about her and her business…

Tell us a bit about your business and how it all began…

I spent 20 years working in Human Resources.  I was good at it but it didn’t make me want to jump out of bed every morning and do a little dance – Photography does! It was a bank holiday weekend about 4 years ago, I was sat in my parents garden with my sister talking about my passion for photography, wishing that I didn’t have to return to the HR day job.

My sister showed great faith in me which gave me the courage and curiosity to take a step towards following my photography dream and it was the best thing I ever did. I began by retraining with some of the best in the industry and over the years I shot and second shot more weddings each year.  Surrounding myself with passionate people gave me the confidence and knowledge to set up on my own and I haven’t looked back since.

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What makes you unique…

I’ve always believed that you get the type of business you deserve and this has led me to be totally passionate and committed to doing the best job I can for all my couples. Heartfelt, quality photography is so important to me, I really care about delivering a positive client service, pride myself on my work ethic and am able to offer beautiful, fine art products to display my clients photography to its best potential – this is  what makes me unique. 

Tells us what you love about your business:

Working for myself is ace, I love photographing weddings and showing my couples how I see their world through my eyes.  I’ve the freedom to define my own success and want to do this by giving beautiful photographs, moments in time, to my couples.  I love the relationships that I get to develop with everyone who books me, I’m sharing one of the biggest events in that couples life and this carries with it such responsibility and trust, how could I not love being a photographer? 

People’s reaction to your business:

I’m fortunate that I also seem to attract clients with the same values as me, people tend to book me because they love my photography not based on price. 

Future plans:

To keep shooting weddings across the UK, I’m always seeking to improve my skill and ability to see photography as a continuous journey.  I want to keep doing what I love!   I’ve also begun photographing babies as this was something a lot of my couples were enquiring about once married – so another string to my bow!

Thanks Becky, we also love what you do! To see more of her work and her profile on the directory, please click here

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