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Beautiful Bettie Rose Blooms…

We have another smashing Mr & Mrs Unique supplier to introduce to you this week. Bettie Rose is a creative florist specialising in weddings and bespoke events. Brighton based Lib who owns Bettie Rose loves nothing more than collaborating with a couple and working creatively with their visualisations to produce beautiful designs.

Lib totally understands what flowers are suitable for what season and can create an imaginative bouquets and displays for your wedding day. Here she tells us more about her business…

Bettie Rose…

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Tell us a bit about business…

I run a floristry business from my home studio specialising in weddings and events. I chose to focus solely on weddings and events as that is where my passion lies, being able to work closely with the client and dream up beautiful arrangements to perfectly compliment the event and the personality of the people involved.

What made you start up the business…

I had been working as a florist for a number of years and was itching to spread my wings and fully unleash my creativity! Whilst working for someone else you can be slightly limited as you are following their dream and not your own. I decided it was time to move into the area that I love – weddings!

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What makes you Unique…

It makes me sad when people don’t have what they want at their weddings and get talked into having things because they are ‘traditional’ and because ‘that’s what you do at weddings’  I try really hard to ensure the bride and groom have exactly what they want – wacky ideas and all! It makes me happy to see personalities emerge through floral design. 

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What kind of couples match your style of service…

Creative and fun folk who aren’t afraid of trying something a little different from the norm. It’s also really great working with relaxed people, who give you a couple of ideas to start from but then put their trust in you to work your magic and come up with something amazing!

Tells us what you love about your business…

The flowers! It’s all about the beautiful colours, textures, shapes and scents! I love them all and I love putting different combinations together, every person is different and every wedding is different and it’s great that you can reflect that with which flowers you choose.

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Most favourite event/ wedding…

Quite possibly one of my best mates who got married last year. She totally trusted me to understand her style and just go with her colour choices and run wild! It just so happens that what she wanted was a bright, vibrant tropical style – which is pretty much my favourite thing so I had a lot of fun!

People’s reaction to your business…

A lot of people say ‘oooh I’d love to work with flowers’ Most people seem quite excited with the idea of doing something creative.

Future plans…

More! More flowers, more weddings, more parties and more fun! 

To find out more about Bettie Rose check out her directory listing here or visit her website here 

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  1. Lib is such a lovely person and a truly talented florist! We had the pleasure of working with her on some styled shoots and her work is fab!

    Gorgeous pictures and a lovely article!

    MODE x

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