Meet The Supplier… Classic Chambers!

Classic Chambers Meet The supplier_0001 Cool Loo’s for your outside do!

Today we are talking toilets, pretty cool ones in fact!

So you plan the perfect outdoor wedding party… you have the amazing marquee, the decorations, the fire pits and then you have to sort out the basics like loo facilities, because everyone needs to go at some point!!

Well let me introduce you to Classic Chambers. Now these guys know how to do it right, why lose all the effort you’ve gone to making your day extra special with bog standard portaloo’s!

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Great design (yes you can customise them for your own gig if you want,) state of the art technology, tv’s that can screen images… these are literally the king of loo’s!

Here we speak to Jonathan about his business, why he started it and what service he can offer you:


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Tell us a bit about business…

We provide loos that make our customers smile. We do this with state of the art technology, great design and a service that’s full of care. We design and build our own loos and so there’s nothing ‘off the shelf’ about our offering. As a family firm we care about making sure our clients get a unique level of great service combined with loos that have the Wow factor. 

What made you start up the business…

There didn’t appear to be any facilities that complimented the increasingly lavish marquees and Tipis that were being used at many outdoor weddings. A Classic gap in the market requiring a fabulous solution.

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What makes you Unique…

Portable loos that our designed and built in house.

We use vacuum technology with a fresh water flush for the cleanest odour free loos that don’t use any chemicals.

Options to customise the facilities including screening your own digital photos or films. Display your choice of prints on the walls or even wrap the whole trailer in your own unique design.

What kind of couples match your style of service…

Couples that care about the details for all the elements of their big day and in particular who care about their guests having facilities that complement the other elements of their unique event.

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Tells us what you love about your business…

We love getting great feedback on our products and service. We never tire of being told that ‘these are the best loos I’ve ever used’ or overhearing guests talking to each other saying ‘Have you seen the loos? They’re Amazing!” 

Most favourite event/ wedding…

We provide facilities at so many great events it’s very hard to choose. Events on the shore of a Lake such as Coniston or Buttermere take some beating.

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People’s reaction to your business…

When they first hear about what we do they often assume it’s associated with grotty chemical portable loos. We often have to resort to pictures to explain what we do as it’s so far outside of their expectations.

Future plans…

To continue innovating in the design and hire of our loos and possibly in the provision of showers for overnight events.

Super pleased to have you on board Mr & Mrs Unique!!

To find out more details visit their website here or see their MMU directory listing here

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