Meet The Supplier… Jay Emme Photography

Jay Emme Photography…

Today we welcome fab new Mr & Mrs Unique supplier Jay Emme Photography to Mr & Mrs Unique. Jay loves her job as a wedding photographer and loves to capture the beauty of the day- exactly what you want in a wedding photographer!

Here we find out a little more about her…


Claire & Nick, Kirkham Grammar School Wedding, Jay Emme Photography

Tell us a bit about your business…

I’m a destination wedding photographer shooting awesome and unique weddings around the world! I shoot on film cameras, provide all your exciting photo prints and albums, and of course I do pre-wedding/engagement photo shoots, too.

What made you start up your business…

I always wanted to “show” people things. I would go on school trips and take approx 17 bajillion photos, trying to encompass everything I could see. I wanted to share the beauty I could see, I wanted to show someone else. Now, shooting weddings, I get to show beautiful people exactly how gorgeous they really are.

Birmingham Wedding Photographer, Classy chic wedding at The Old Library, Jay Emme Photography

What makes you Unique…

A few things! First of all, I’m actually addicted to photographing weddings. The buzz I get from doing my job is incredible and awesome. Also, I shoot film photography, but I shoot with vibrant colours and wonderful detail, which I think reflects people’s lives. Bold and strong is just as beautiful as pastel and delicate.

Most people know me as “the ninjographer” – I shoot weddings in such a style that I almost become invisible. Clients often ask me “how and when did you get THAT shot?!” And then there’s the obvious – how many other female film wedding photographers do you know, with awesome dreadlocks, a strong love of bacon and hula hooping, and a passion for weddings?

Corinne & Gareth, Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield, April 13 Emma & Mark, Bedern Hall, York, May 2013

What kind of couples match your style of service…

People who appreciate the importance of their wedding photos; couples who believe in trusting their photographer to take awesome photos. Couples who completely want to enjoy their day without being stressed, and are doing their day, their way.

Couples who completely want to stamp their own style and personality on every last detail of their amazing day. I especially love couples who have a passion and zest for life, love, and laughter. And I love couples who throw caution to the wind and absolutely go for what they want!

Dena & Andy, Bromsgrove, July 13 Hayley & Chris, Hellens Manor, Herefordshire wedding photography

Tells us what you love about your business…

Everything. Absolutely everything. From the initial enquiries from new couples sharing the next stage of their love story with me. Buying camera film, packing (and repacking!) my camera bag. Getting to know my couples, and already seeing how amazing they are via Skype sessions, phone calls, texts and emails.

The build up to the day itself, and ohhhhh my goodness the ACTUAL day itself – always amazing. Always. Even in the aftermath, when I go through all the photos and share them all, and then do the wedding album. Following, and telling, every single wedding story is a brilliant thing to do.

Most favourite event/ wedding…

Oh no way, I can’t pick a favourite! I’ve loved different weddings for so many different reasons. One couple married in Germany, travelled to the top of the mountains in Bavaria for their wedding reception – we all danced until 1am and I LOVED it. Another couple who were so adorable together, got married in a barn, brought in their favourite furniture from their own home, and had a backdrop of 1000 multicoloured origami paper cranes, symbolising their time spent together in Japan.

A recent wedding involved a couple so “up for it”, we all jumped in a Land Rover in the driving rain, drove up a hillside through slippery, muddy woodland in the Lake District, and had their photos cuddled together under an umbrella! One wedding which had us ALL laughing hard involved the bride and groom riding really weird trikes and bikes around the pond in The Custard Factory (Birmingham); even better was that they absolutely hadn’t planned to do that, but were clearly up for it! All of my clients are unique, and so I end up loving them all.

East Riddlesden Hall Wedding, Yorkshire - wedding ceremony | Jay Emme Photography

People’s reaction to your business…

Most tend to be amazed that I really do love what I do, as much as I do. They also often say “wow…you are actually exactly the same in real life as you are on your site; now we’ve met you, it feels like we’ve known you forever!” They also love how much fun they have with me!

Future plans…

To hit everything on my bucket list (and then create a new bucket list!)

Welcome on board Jay! If you want to find out more visit her profile here or visit her website here

Claire & Nick, Kirkham Grammar School Wedding, Jay Emme Photography Cassie & Nick, Witley Court, Worcestershire Film Wedding photography - 080814 Rosie & Nick Hawes, The Old Library Custard Factory, Birmingham Wedding 230814 Hans & Sarah, Bath Wedding Photography, 300814 Hans & Sarah, Bath Wedding Photography, 300814 Chloe & Matt, Avoncroft Museum wedding, Bromsgrove Wedding Photography 171014


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