Meet The Supplier… McKinley-Rodgers Photography!

Capturing honest, real emotions on film…

Today we are super chuffed to welcome McKinley-Rodgers Photography to Mr & Mrs Unique. This awesome husband and wife team strive to build a real relationship with the couples that book them, so they are able to achieve photos that show the genuine connection between two people.

Not only do they take amazing photos, they also offer short wedding films, capturing the day as a whole. Here Pen tells us a bit more about their business and what makes them tick!


McKindley Rodgers Photography_0002

Tell us a bit about your business… 

We are a husband and wife team who love photographing weddings, because getting married was the best thing we ever did! Seriously, that is honestly how we got into this business, we love hanging out together, and what better way to spend our time than documenting one of the happiest days in peoples lives.

What makes you Unique:

Cam has a wedding film business ( so we are also able to offer short films to compliment our wedding photographs which has proven very popular. 

Tells us what you love about your business… 

Meeting amazing couples and experiencing a unique celebration most weekends of the year!

McKindley Rodgers Photography_0003 McKindley Rodgers Photography_0004

People’s reaction to your business…

One of the loveliest surprises about this business is the connections made, not just with our couples (many of whom become genuine friends) but also other suppliers in the industry. Some of my closest friends now are fellow photographers I’ve made since starting the business. 

McKindley Rodgers Photography_0007

Future plans…

Due to a recent move, following our dream to live by the sea, we are taking on less bookings. This is to ensure that we will always LOVE what we do, and that we are able to give 100% to each and every one of the couples that trust us with their day.  

Welcome to the Mr & Mrs Unique team! Cant wait to work with you over the next year and see what weddings you do!

To find out more information visit their website here 

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