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We recently welcomed cake baker Susie from S K Cakes to Mr & Mrs Unique. What I loved about her style was that her cakes really showcase modern, forward thinking, slick designs. Her use of muted tones against metallics offer an updated look to the traditional wedding cake, plus her sugar work is incredible!

Here Susie tells us a bit more about her business S K Cakes:

Tell us a bit about your business… 

I have always loved all aspects of being in my kitchen. Making christening and birthday cakes for my children was my first go at actually doing actual cakes. From there my friends and family all gave me such a push into taking it further.

What makes you unique…

I think you can set my style apart from most other cake designs. My cakes are very minimal, sharp and modern at the same time as bringing in current trends.

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Tells us what you love about your business…

I love the ability to be creative. I adore being given a brief and then given free reign to design something bespoke and unique within that.

People’s reaction to your business…

Ive always received a positive reaction to my business, although some people think I’m crazy having started it with two young children! I am definitely now know as the cake lady around town!!

Future plans…

Ive been astounded by the positive feedback and how quickly the business has expanded. I only really opened up my business expecting to get trade from friends and family… but very quickly the word seems to have spread! I adore what I do and look forward to wherever my journey takes me!!!

Thanks Susie! To see S K Cakes profile on Mr & Mrs Unique with further information and contact details please click here 

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