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Satin and Tat… 

Today on our Meet The Supplier feature we say a huge hello to Sharon from Satin & Tat Stationery who joined our directory this week. I met the lovely Sharon from Satin & Tat at a Tie The Knot Wedding Carnival event we held over at MMU favourite Elmore Court. Sharon was super sweet, with a clear talent for hand illustrations, I knew right then I had to try and get her on board MMU!!

Her stationery range is unlike anything I’ve seen before and with themes such a zombies, taxidermy and all thing a little macabre its perfect for quirky, style-savvy, off-beat couples…

Over to Sharon to tell us more…


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Tell us a bit about your business…

Satin and Tat is for quirky couples looking for unique Stationery to suit their alternative, off-beat or vintage style wedding day. My designs, which are available as save the dates, invites and a whole range of on-the-day items like menus, all started life as drawings and paintings or were created from my own photography so my clients can be sure they’re getting something completely original! The wording and colours of all of my designs are completely customisable so your stationery will be personal to you!

What made you start up the business…

Satin and Tat was created after I designed and made the invites and on the day stationery for my own wedding in 2012. I realised that organising my own wedding was a real opportunity for me and my husband-to-be to get creative and express ourselves.

I realised that I wanted to create designs for quirky, style-savvy Brides and Grooms for their off-beat, fashion forward or vintage style Weddings and so Satin and Tat was born!!

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What makes you Unique…

My Brides and Grooms can be confident that they’re going to have something totally unique. I’ve put a great amount of effort into creating designs that are original, quirky and make a real statement.

All of my invites and on-the-day stationery has been designed with stylish and quirky brides and grooms in mind who don’t want the same run-of-the-mill, twee wedding stationery that we’ve all seen before. I have two designs that can be customised with yours and your partners favourite song lyric! This could be from your first dance son or the song you walk down the aisle to. I’m always excited to create new designs so if you love my style and have a great idea then get in touch!! 

What kind of couples match your style of service…

Satin and Tat creates wedding stationery for cool couples having an alternative, off-beat or vintage style wedding day. More importantly Satin and Tat stationery is perfect for any bride and groom who love to stand out.

Tells us what you love about your business…

I’m a little bit obsessed with weddings and massively obsessed with good design illustration and typography. It’s amazing to be able to put all of that together and I believe my passion for what I do definitely shows in my stationery. 

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Most favourite event/ wedding…

The first ever bespoke design I created is still one of my favourites. When a client asked me to design zombie wedding stationery (Yes!!! ZOMBIE!!!) I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. The design was so much fun to draw and it was really rewarding to know how much the bride and groom loved it! I even introduced it as an off-the-peg design on my website (with the happy couples blessing of course) It just proves that no idea is too off the wall! So if you’ve got a quirky idea then drop me an email. 

People’s reaction to your business…

Since I started my business in 2013 I’ve had a wonderful response from brides, grooms and the wedding industry. My work has been featured in some really cool wedding blogs like ‘Marry Me Ink’ and ‘Way Out Wedding’ and it seems like no one can place an order without telling me how much they love my designs and how unique they are!

Some of my more daring stationery like my Skull and Zombie designs have raised a few eyebrows- a reaction I take as a compliment, those designs are meant to stand miles apart from traditional wedding stationery and are definitely for the more fearless bride and groom!

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Future plans…

I’ve been asked by a few brides and grooms for their invites to be made into a piece of wall art and they look great! Soon a range of customisable wall art will be available in the same stunning designs as my wedding stationery J

I’m always creating new designs! For the most up to date news on my newest creations check out my Facebook page here

Thanks for coming on board MMU Sharon… I LOVE your work!! If you want to see her directory profile click here

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