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Rustic & Fine Dining…

Today we speak to the lovely Sausage & Pear about their catering company after we welcomed them on board Mr & Mrs Unique this month. We ask them why they set the business up and what they love about what they do… They create some seriously delicious dishes! So over to them…

Tell us a bit about your business…

Sausage & Pear provide rustic style catering but with a fine dining twist.

The idea behind the ‘Sausage & Pear’ is based upon our school nicknames.

Our style of catering has proven incredibly popular over the last few years. So many brides and grooms these days are steering away from the stuffy, traditional weddings of old. Instead, couples are opting for a more relaxed, informal and rustic style wedding.

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We have found that in 2014 it has been all about the sharing platters in the middle of the table. Our rustic wooden platters sit on top of tree trunk style legs, making the perfect platter for your guests to tuck into. This style of catering really lends itself to creating an amazing atmosphere, as guests are forced to interact with each-other, thus creating more noise in the room and a better atmosphere all round. You can even choose any one of our menus for this.

We can provide every kind of wedding catering including formal dinners, canapes, paella, BBQ, hot & cold buffets, sharing platters, market stall style catering and more.

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What makes you Unique…

Our unique blend of rustic catering, fine dining, enthusiastic & passionate staff.Tells us what you love about your business:We love making a spectacular event out of nothing. No two events are the same and guests are always on top form as its often a party that we are catering for. 

People’s reaction to your business…

Always complimentary :)

Future plans…

Our next step is to set-up our own wedding venue.

To find out more click here to see their profile on our directory.. Right I’m off to grab some food.. this post has made me v. hungry! ;)

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