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Skinny Boy Wedding Films…

For those who don’t know, (surely you’ve heard me go on at some point about how much I love these guys,) Skinny Boy Weddings produce high quality wedding films that truly capture the love, emotions and fun of your big day.

I have been lucky enough to work with them in the past and the team are easy to work with, creative and always strive to achieve the best outcome for their films… so much so, I used them for my own promo film… did you catch it? If not you can see it here

So here is a little introduction to their business from the guys behind the lens…

Tell us a bit about your business…

I (Steve) spent seven years working in the film industry as an Assistant Director, which I loved and I was lucky enough to work with some of the countries best filmmakers.  The one drawback was that my role was more logistical than creative, so I was spending most of my time on set, surrounded by these incredibly creative people, whilst I had my head stuck in a call sheet.

Having always wanted to make films myself, I wanted in on the action!  I began the research into setting up my own production company, so I could shoot and edit my own work.  I had always been asked by friends to shoot and edit their weddings for them and I discovered how creative the whole process could be.  During this time, my other half, Kate left her job and was looking for a new, more creative career opportunity.  It was obvious to both of us what the logical next step was…

What makes you Unique…

I guess there are a few things that make us fairly unique.  Our name isn’t the most conventional in the world of weddings; it’s a long (not hugely interesting story) but it kind of stuck!  However, I hope our wedding films are what truly makes us unique.

There are some amazing companies out there, each offering their own style and producing incredibly beautiful and cinematic wedding films; we hope that we’re able to offer something a little bit different to the mix. 

As a couple we love to people watch and this skill pays off when filming a wedding.  Obviously we want to show how beautiful the bride looks and how amazing the venue is, but we also want to show how much fun everyone is having and to make each wedding look like an awesome party that you wish you’d been invited to.  With this in mind, we focus on showing the fun and excitement of each wedding day (without the cheese).

Tells us what you love about your business…

There’s so much that we love about our business, but the best part has to be the moment when we hand over a finished film.  It’s so exciting knowing that the couple will get to relive their day and see lots of moments they’ll have missed on a day which goes by in a blur.  

Telling the unique story of each day always gives us something fresh and different to appreciate and at the end of editing each wedding we feel like we’ve known the couple for years!  Which other job allows you to be surrounded by happy people all day long, what’s not to love?!

People’s reaction to your business…

So far so good!  When you receive a card or an email from a bride who’s over the moon with her wedding film, it’s the best feeling and makes the days upon days sat in the edit suite totally worth it.

Future plans…

Busy, busy, busy this year.  We’ve just added a couple of awesome filmmakers to the Skinny Boy team, which we’re very excited about.  Going forward, we’re constantly learning and always looking to improve our filmmaking in any way we can.  We’ve got a couple of destination weddings coming up, which is also very exciting and we’re also going to be producing a short film to enter into film festivals by the end of the year. 

Thanks Steve, we are so happy to have you on board at Mr & Mrs Unique. To find out more please view their profile on the directory here

Or visit their website here www.skinnyboyweddings.com

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