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Photo by Joanna Brown Photography

Photo by Joanna Brown Photography

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This week we welcomed Stick It On to Mr & Mrs Unique and today we find out a little more about this awesome wedding business!

Once the wedding ceremony is done, wedding speeches laughed at and tummies are full, your evening guests start to arrive and the real party kicks off!

Thats where Stick it On comes in… Its all about playing music that means something to you, having a go on the decks, getting people to dance. Its about finding that tune that makes everyone go crazy and not want to leave the dance floor ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Its that simple…

Rob founder of Stick It On, tells us a little bit more about what they do…


Tell us a bit about your business…

Stick It On is a great alternative to booking a DJ or band for your wedding celebrations. The evening reception priority for most couples is music, who better to deliver an eclectic mix of great music than the wedding guests themselves who become DJ superstars for 15 glorious minutes.

What made you start up the business…

Stick It On started out as a clubnight many years ago and we were asked by one of our regulars to host and organise their wedding reception.

Suffice to say it was a legendary party, so much fun and a perfect format for a wedding. It was clear from that point on that we should focus our attention on wedding entertainment.

What makes you Unique…

Stick It On gives everyone the opportunity to play a more integral part in the wedding celebrations. Guests pick emotive and pertinent tracks to reflect a point in time taking the bride or groom on a quick jaunt down memory lane, whilst others will simply pick tunes to give you those hands in the air moments.

This extra layer of interactivity gives a fantastic focus to the DJs from the very supportive and loving dancefloor, culminating in a party that rocks all night long.

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What kind of couples match your style of service…

We think anyone who wants to take a unique approach to the wedding disco couldn’t go far wrong in making an enquiry. The bride and groom have complete control over the music as they get to pick who DJs a few days before the wedding.

We make it really easy for guests to sign up and submit a DJ set, we source everybody’s music and we have a lovely team of hosts who guide the guests on the night to DJ superstardom. 

Tells us what you love about your business…

There is nothing better than seeing something you have created resonate with so many people. If we could exchange every smile and every cheer for a pound we would be challenging Mr. Branson on The Times Rich List. Instead, for the moment, we sleep extremely well at night (usually with a smile on our faces).

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Most favourite event/ wedding…

There are too many to choose from but our favourite Stick It On’s are when there is a broad demographic of DJs represented.

We’ve had 5 to 85 year olds grace the SIO decks and each generation brings their own take and taste which makes for a wonderfully eclectic mix of music.

People’s reaction to your business…

100% praise and encouragement. The idea is very simple which is the genius part about it (not that Rob is a genius, far from it!!), but quite often people would say ‘I wish I had thought of that’.

However, with most simple ideas it’s all about the detail and the organisation, especially leading up to the wedding. This has to be meticulous and the SIO team pride themselves on this. 

Future plans…

Although we can and do travel all over the country (and occasionally further), we are based in Brighton and therefore the further we travel the higher the travel costs. The plan for this year is to look to set up some regional franchises so that we can be more competitive in other areas of the country where we are receiving enquiries from.

Awesome idea! Thanks Rob! If you want more details visit their website here

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