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Tasty treats served from a retro caravan…

Today we welcome The Bournville Waffle Company to Mr & Mrs Unique. Ive been aware of their business for a while, so when we finally spoke I couldn’t wait to sign them up to Mr & Mrs Unique.

Whats more fun and unique than a retro caravan turning up at your wedding celebration and offering tasty waffles and great service!

Here Jenny tells us a little bit more about their business, what they have to offer and their future plans…

Tell us a bit about your business and what inspired you…

The Bournville Waffle Company was founded by Jenny & Des.  Both of them worked full-time but they wanted to play a part in the UK’s Streetfood revolution by creating unusual waffles for festival-goers to enjoy.

Since then they have traded at dozens of festivals and events, selling waffles with unusual toppings from their loving-restored and converted Mustang caravan. They are now full time street food traders and are available for festivals, street food events and private hire.

All the waffles are baked fresh to order, filling the air with an irresistible smell. Their creative menu will tempt any sweet tooth from the Rocky Road Waffle – Fresh double whipped cream, marshmallows, crumbled cookie, chocolate chips and hot chocolate fudge sauce. To the Banoffee – Fresh whipped double cream, slices of banana, homemade salted butterscotch sauce and grated dark chocolate.  

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What makes you Unique…

Our menu – Our menu is playful and creative. We offer a dessert that is unlike any other! We are all about offering our customers something new and different, providing our customers with a unique dining experience. 

The caravan – We wanted our to trailer to look as good as our waffles and a ggazebo just wasn’t going to cut it, so we came up with the idea of converting an old caravan. It wasn’t the easiest of tasks but we love the result! We think she’s pretty unique.

Tells us what you love about your business…

Everything! I love having the creative licences to mix up our menu and experiment with new flavour combination. I love chatting to our customers, really is the best part of the job and I of course love eating waffles! 

People’s reaction to your business…

People are often surprised by our waffles. We sell Brussels waffles which are made fresh to order from batter. Brussels waffles are light and fluffy and can easily be devoured by one, even with all the toppings we add on.

We’ve had some really great feedback and we love it when people share their waffle love on facebook and twitter. People also love our vintage restored waffle caravan, they are delighted to here we did the work ourselves and we are always happy to chat away about the project.    

Future plans…

We would love to one day open our own café with waffles on the menu of course.

Good to have you on board Jenny & Des!

To see their profile on the directory along with contact details please click here


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