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No ordinary dresses…

The Couture Company specialise in custom made, alternative, quirky, unusual and unique bespoke bridal gowns. Designed and made with the understanding that each one of their brides are unique and individual, they work closely with clients to create their ultimate gown.

Jo the designer at The Couture Company has an AMAZING  imagination for creating the ultimate wedding dress… You want a rainbow skirt, you can have it… you want a unicorn on your dress, so be it! Not only that, but the dresses are bespoke, handcrafted pieces of artwork.. So you can imagine I was super chuffed to get The Couture Company on our Mr & Mrs Unique books!

Here, the ever fabulous Jo tells us a bit more about her company and shares some of her favourite brides with us. If you would like to see more of her work you can see some more of her dresses on the directory listing here.


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Tell us a bit about your business…

We love to create gowns that are bespoke and personal to each individual bride,  a dress they will love, that they will feel totally “them”…so when a bride asks “Can you embroider our names and wedding date”? Or “I love penguins , can I have penguins on my dress?” Or  “I love hello kitty and polka dots and lots of coloured lace”…is this possible to create a gown for me?” the answer is always going to be a massive “YES!!” 

What makes you Unique…

Our brides make us unique, they are the ones who are our inspiration, so whether its Leather laser cut cogs for a Steampunk inspired bride or lashings of colour and sparkles for a client who is  rainbow obsessed.

Without inspiration and input from these lovelies then our designs would go in a very different direction. Its bringing their personality into the melting pot to come up with something unique to them.

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Tells us what you love about your business…

We love getting creative with our designs,  we don’t see requests for unicorns and spiders webs  as crazy, we see it as something to sink our creative teeth into.

People’s reaction to your business…

People seem to love that we can personalise a gown, they also love to see so many “real” brides on our website, it  inspires them that we use photos of women of different sizes and different body shapes in our shoots and in our features . Whenever we get a testimonial we will post it on our blog so that the visitors can read and gain insight from someone else’s experience of having a bespoke gown from us.

Future plans…

We are hatching some exciting plans to spread some Couture Co love, and to make our gowns more accessible in more places! So watch this space x

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