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A while back we welcomed the lovely Sami from Verdigris Venue Dressing to Mr & Mrs Unique. Verdigris specialises in helping you develop your wedding and event ideas to create a cohesive and beautiful environment that makes the best of your venue and budget. Event décor and prop making designer Sami Green, has 10 years beneath her belt and knows how to use materials to create breath taking immersive environments.

Today we speak to Sami about her background, her skills in venue dressing and how she could turn your wedding day into something spectacular…



Tell us a bit about your business…

I have built my career as a venue dresser almost by accident over the years. Having begun as a sculptor, glass artist, printmaker and seamstress I started creating decorations for club nights and festivals for fun. Slowly I began to find that my decor was becoming more and more in demand. So I phased out my other work and created Verdigris, an alternative venue dressing business called after the green colour that copper turns with age – a pun on the name I worked under as an artist – Sami Green.

If you use Pinterest and have spent hours looking at stunning wedding pictures, wondering how on earth you could achieve something similar for your special day, I can work with you to design a scheme that is personal to you, drawn from your ideas and inspiration that is personal to you and your needs using unique handmade props dress your venue


Working with clients to help their dreams become a reality is part of the challenge I cherish in my role as venue dresser. A clever use of fabric and lighting with my innovative and inspiring ceiling centrepieces will add a real touch of magic to the plainest of venues.

What made you start up the business…

My big break was when, 7 years ago, I was offered the amazing opportunity to take my work backstage at the Glastonbury Festival and dress the hospitality tents for the stars! Since then I have been commissioned, annually, to work at the festival. This has enabled me to build up an exciting collection of materials that I realised would be really different and interesting to the alternative wedding market.


What makes you Unique…

Real creativity and a good eye.

What kind of couples match your style of service…

I am happy to work with anyone’s ideas and build and shape them accordingly. The best results are created for couples that are really interested in the full design service and are looking to consult with me from the beginning to the end of the project.



Tells us what you love about your business…

I absolutely love meeting the challenge of difficult design briefs; Verdigris enables me to work in a diverse range of venues with a different brief almost every time I have an enquiry. It is hard to decide whether I love that best or the immense feeling of achievement after a physically demanding installation when the pictures from my mind turn into actual reality. Oh, and when I am lucky enough to be at the event and see the awe on people’s faces – that is really special too. I think I just LOVE my whole job!!

Most favourite event/ wedding…

This is hard – I love all the weddings I do, but the best ones are the ones I see through from the beginning, where the whole space is designed down to the lighting and the table dressing. At the moment the most special was my brother’s. They hired a beautiful long yurt – (yurts are my favourite spaces because the structural detail is so stunning before you even start work), we up lit the inside with pink lights, hung the ceiling with fairy lights and electric mason jar chandeliers and it was so twinkly the colours glowed through the canvass and it looked stunning even on the outside.


People’s reaction to your business…

Blown away by what can be created

Future plans…

Short term I am really excited about a wedding style shoot I am planning for April – it is showcasing a beautiful new line of dresses and will be set in Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol which has fantastic architecture. I would love to share more but has to be top secret until released as it’s going to be really different.

Long term I will cross my fingers for celebrity weddings and top wedding magazine styling jobs…

Here is an example of Verdigris working to transform an ordinary village hall into something special for a birthday party:

If you would like to find out more about Sami you can cheek out her directory listing here or visit the website here


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2 thoughts on “Meet the Supplier… Verdigris”

  1. Barns is more fashion then palaces or castles! perfect shoots!

  2. Barns are more fashion then palaces or castles! perfect shoots!

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