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Today we speak with Louise from Warwickshire Yurt Hire about her great new business. Warwickshire Yurt Hire hire out gorgeous, fully furnished yurts for couples first night as Mr & Mrs. We are always on the search of new and upcoming businesses, so are thrilled to welcome them to the team here at Mr & Mrs Unique. Over to Louise to tell you a bit more…

Tell us a bit about your business:

We are a relatively new business having set up in early 2014. We had seen lots of friends getting married in fields, having a beautiful reception and then have to either leave early to check in, go home or kip in a tent.

We thought there had to be some thing a little more convenient and, most of all, a lot more special. So we had a look around and stumbled across the fabulous and versatile world of yurts and went for it.

What makes you Unique: 

We offer a full Wedding Night package with no hidden extra costs. Our yurt is on the larger side of Wedding Night Accommodation at 19 feet wide offering lots of space for relaxing at the end of a busy day and room for a king size bed and sofa. Our delicious hamper is packed full of complimentary goodies.

Tells us what you love about your business:

I love being my own boss, don’t we all!! I love that this works around our very young family of 3 gorgeous boys. But most of all I love the look on a couples face when they see the completed yurt and know they can dance until dawn and only have a few yards to stumble to bed and the comfort of their Wedding Night Yurt.

People’s reaction to your business:

People have been amazed at how beautiful you can make a yurt look. Some even want to move in and most wish they had had the opportunity to have a yurt for their wedding night.

Future plans:

Get known, more yurts, diversity of interiors and a bigger trailer!

Cant wait to see the company grow… Here’s to a prosperous year ahead. Fab yurt hire for your wedding night- to find out more see their listing here

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