Mexican Frida Khalo Inspired Bridal Shoot…

Colourful, Mexican Bridal Style…

Today we share a vibrant Mexican boudoir bridal shoot which was Art Directed by Penny from The Little Lending Company. As soon as this shoot hit my inbox I just knew immediately I had to share it with you!

This Frida Khalo inspired shoot is jam packed with tropical fruits, exotic flowers and bold accessories; an eclectic mix of rich colours and some seriously cool, modern bride style.

Here Penny from The Little Lending Company tells us all about the inspiration and the team who worked behind the scenes…

Penny …

Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0000

Our girls style is a huge nod to one of my all time favourite icons; Frida Khalo, a strong, expressive woman who likes to style things out a little differently, the perfect muse.

My recent travels to Mexico inspired this set up; an abundance of cactus, colour and collected skulls and woven traditional blankets. I fell in love with the vibrancy and relaxed vibes of the country and wanted to capture this through the images.

I wanted the shoot to be free and vibrant, to show that the wedding preparation should be pretty a pretty brilliant and fun time. Your bridal portraits can be what ever you want them to be, expressing exactly who you are and your current inspirations and passions.

Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0002 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0014

I worked closely with the florists to create something big and expressive on an outdoor arch, working as the perfect ceremony or photo back drop. Using a mix of mini pineapples, hydrangea, gloriosa, astilby, kangaroo paw, moby dick, asclepia, firecracker and monstera leaves. A simpler green tropical bouquet was also created and the most fun flower crowns going, that had a mix of colourful wool Pom Poms added.

Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0007 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0008

The venue had the most incredible treehouses with stain glass windows that we’re perfect for the boudoir shots. The side tables we’re dressed with coloured candles in brass holders, mini Mexican horse ornaments and more cactus. Macrame plant hangers hung form the rafters.

Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0027 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0004

Carnation garlands we’re hung as a back drop along with wire crosses for a nod to the party feels of A day of the Dead celebration.

We created a snack station for our bride – Pink pop, lavish fruit bowls, colourful merianges and a tutti fruitti gold leaf cake.

Stationery was from Lucy Says I do, a stunning suite with Mexican folk flowers and a ‘You are My Favourite Card’, the perfect little notelet to receive on your wedding morning.

Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0003 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0005 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0006

There were 3 bridal looks; The boudoir with Topshop separates of high waist knickers and crochet knitted tops. Layers of gold and statements jewel and coloured accessories were added with statement hoop earrings.

A floral embroided bodice dress by Charlotte Balbier via The Bottom Drawer Bridal was used with blue and purple smoke bombs. If you’re a bold bride why not make a big statement with your portraits!

**Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0110
Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0028
Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0009 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0010

The third dress was by Made by Ava with a super low back and gupier lace halter neck. Gold featured heavily through the shoot so the last make-up look was full on glamour with lashings of gold foil added to the hair line.

Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0012 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0013

Im just so in LOVE with this shoot… the styling, fashion and accessories is everything we love here at Mr & Mrs Unique!

Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous, colourful bridal shoot with us!

Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0014 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0015 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0016 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0017 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0018 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0019 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0103 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0104 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0102 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0105 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0020 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0021 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0022 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0023 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0024 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0025 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0106 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0107 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0026 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0027 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0028 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0029 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0030 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0112 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0113 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0031 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0032 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0115 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0116 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0033 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0034 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0035 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0036 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0114 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0037 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0117 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0118 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0119 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0038 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0120 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0039 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0121 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0040 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0041 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0042 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0043 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0044 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0045 **Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0123 Mexican Frida Bridal inspiration_0046

The Team:

Art Direction: The Little Lending Company

Photography: Ellie Gillard

Location: West Lexham

Flowers: Swaffham & Fakenham Florists

Model: Eniko Toth

Make Up: Love Moi Make Up

Hair: Tracey Ward

Dresses: Charlotte Balbier at The Bottom Drawer Bridal and Made By Ava

Stationery: Lucy Says I Do

Cake: Buns of Fun Bakery

Meringues: Dust with Cocoa

Lingerie & Bridal Separates: Topshop


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