Micro weddings, elopements, London venues and wedding advice from Lisa Jane Photography…

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Photos and advice by Lisa Jane Photography

Micro weddings, elopements, London venues, and wedding advice…

Advice from Lisa Jane Photography

At the moment the government has allowed for wedding ceremonies of up to 30 people to go ahead. This means with the current restrictions that you can’t have a party afterward, but it does allow you to finally say ‘I do’ to the person you love. 

Every couple is different and every couple’s reason for getting married is different. Because of everything that has happened this year, so many couples have chosen to move their wedding to 2021. They want to have the wedding and the party they planned, that handpicked menu, those custom cocktails, and the band that’s guaranteed to get everyone dancing. Other couples just want to get married, to celebrate their relationship, and find some good amongst the chaos of this year and so are embracing the elopement or ‘micro wedding’.

I feel for every single couple faced with the decision at the moment, it’s a real mind field and there has been so much disappointment. It’s heartbreaking to watch your plans change and morph, to be taken away from you, and to figure out the next steps. But know this, whatever you decide to do…follow your gut, go with your heart and do what is right for you as a couple. You need to feel comfortable and content with your decision.

If you decide to postpone, your wedding will be amazing, it will be worth the wait and everyone will be by your side, ready to cheer you on, throw all the confetti and dance the night away with you.

For those contemplating an elopement or ‘micro wedding’

Let’s do this!

Let’s get you married!

Let’s celebrate!

I have to say, getting married is something really bloody special. The opportunity to stand up and declare your love, to declare ‘this is us’ for the rest of time is magic. It doesn’t matter if it’s just you two, two witnesses, or 30 guests, it deserves to be special.

Small weddings are awesome and I love photographing them. What you need to remember is that you are marrying your person and that is really bloody special.

I’ve been chatting to couples about their changed plans and helping them navigate the world of small weddings.  Because we are so used to big weddings with all the traditions, some of my couples are struggling to figure out what to do with their day, what to include, and whether it will still be special.

First off, it will always be special. Some of my favourite weddings have been elopements. Just the two of you getting married is special, so don’t let the current restrictions fool you. Sharing these moments with the people you love deserves to be celebrated, so really think about the venue for your ceremony.

Have a think about what you want from the space and what your photos will look like.

Also, what do you love, what locations have a special place in your relationship?

Town halls are perfect for small ceremonies, but there are so many venues in London where you can get married.

Just because your plans have had to change, doesn’t mean you can’t get married in a place that is important to you.

Some of my favourite London Town Halls are offering socially distanced ceremonies.

Stoke Newington Town Hall is glorious and is in such a beautiful part of London.

Islington Town Hall council chamber is stunning and the mayor’s parlour is lovely

Hackney Town Hall is a gorgeous building and has two spaces that look gorgeous.

Town halls aren’t your only option for a ceremony…

Town Hall Hotel has a glorious space for a ceremony and is perfect for a small wedding. (I may be biased though as we had our legal ceremony there)

The Asylum can be hired for a ceremony.

Battersea Park Bandstand is another beautiful spot.

The Ned is also available for ceremonies and receptions and at the moment the city is so quiet that it means there are plenty of spots for portraits.

The RSA is beautiful and they have adapted their packages to accommodate small weddings and receptions.

Another one of my favourite spots is South London Gallery. It is a stunning space and can accommodate a small socially distanced ceremony .

The Zetter Town House is also licensed for ceremonies and provides the perfect backdrop for a ceremony. Cosy and intimate, with gorgeous rooms for getting ready.

Your local council will be able to provide a list of all the venues licensed for wedding ceremonies. It is worthwhile taking a look at the list as you may find a hidden gem in the list that fits your aesthetic.

If you want some ideas on how to add even more joy to the day…

Book that beautiful fancy hotel and spend your wedding night sipping cocktails in the hotel bar, before ordering room service and having midnight snacks in bed.

Order your dream cake and eat it for breakfast the next day.

Order the expensive fizz.

Say your handwritten vows to each other privately in your favourite place.

Do the things that bring you joy and will want to remember for years to come.

Small Weddings are awesome!

You are marrying your person and nothing can beat that.

You now have an excuse to cut your guest list, un-invite the estranged cousins and celebrate with the people who you love the most.

The rule book has gone out the window, wear whatever you want, whether it’s the outfit of your dreams you had planned to wear for the big day or that gorgeous designer outfit you’ve had your eye on in the sale.

All that confetti you brought will not go to waste and you can have either the most insanely colourful confetti throw or you can have multiple confetti throws

You have so many options for a reception for the two of you, whether it’s a private dining room in your favourite restaurant, your local pub round the corner from your house, or that rooftop bar. You can have that 7-course tasting menu you’ve always wanted to try.

You’ve been given the opportunity to run away and elope with your best mates as witnesses… Run with it if that idea makes you excited.

You don’t have to do a first dance now, but we can also set up the most perfect first dance that’s just you two.

You can spend more on the things that matter most to you both as you aren’t having to cater for a 100 people… This could mean the most glorious giant bouquet, or that suit, of the fanciest of meals.




Thanks Lisa! Lovely words and advice as always! To find out more about Lisa You can view her website HERE. 


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