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Delicious Mobile Cake Bar…

Todays post comes from the fab team over at The Poppy Trading Company. They have some news on a development within their business, so I’ll hand over to Oliver to tell you more about it:

Hello there! I’ve some really exciting news to tell you all about from The Poppy Trading Company!

Those of you who’ve already found us know that we provide wonderfully quirky vintage mismatched chairs, vintage sofas & armchairs and rustic trestle tables to hire up and down the country. It’s been a hectic but wonderful year for us year at Poppy Trading, seeing so many lovely brides and grooms, in some stunning venues!

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But I’m here to let you know about the launch of our exciting new Mobile Cupcake Bars!

A new concept in the UK, but hugely popular across The Pond, we’ll roll up, set up and be ready to offer your guests a completely customised cupcake of their choice, right in front of their eyes.

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You choose your naked cake flavour, your filling, your frosting and your topping, and we’ll make it up for you exactly as you like, while you wait! It only takes us about 30 seconds to finish each cakes, so you won’t have to wait for long cupcake lovers!!!

Think Subway, with more frosting and less olives!

And with our decor options, we can set our beautiful cupcake cart up to match your events theme, so we’ll fit right in. We can even set up outside, any time of year (we’re a hardy bunch in the Midlands) to offer your guests a little treat on their way in.

We have packages from as little as £275 that include cupcakes, cupcake bartender, and a great choice of cakes, fillings, frosting and toppings. We can cater for up to 200 cakes in one sitting, and have packages available for as few as 75 cakes.

Tempted? Then get in touch! You can find us at

Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Thanks Oliver for sharing- what a fun and different idea to have on your big day! To find out more about The Poppy Trading Company click here

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