Moroccan Inspired DIY Wedding at Chelvey Court

Wedding photography by Babb Photo

Moroccan Inspired, DIY Wedding at Chelvey Court

What a wedding to share with you on Valentine’s Day!

When we heard that Indi & Pete had named their celebrations their ‘phatty wedding’ we knew it would be a corker, and it didn’t disappoint! Theirs was a weekend full of fun, colour and community, all centered around a pair of amazing Moroccan tents supplied by our very own Mr & Mrs Unique supplier The Fantastical Tent Company!

Over to the couple to tell us more about their day…

Indi & Pete…

How did you meet?

We met when Pete was at university and I was visiting a mutual friend. We became clubbing/partying buddies as a group and hung out as friends for a couple of years, before randomly deciding to go India together, where we spent 24/7 with each other. It was only on our return when we missed each other did we start inadvertently dating until we finally got together (apparently it was obvious to friends months before!).

How did you get engaged?

We went back to India about 3 years later and Pete lead me into the ocean, got down on one knee and proposed before nearly getting swept away by a wave! Luckily I said yes as the ‘Delhi Belly’ I thought I had at the time was actually a baby belly, however because of this we sort of forgot about our engagement and so I got down on one knee on our 10 year anniversary and asked Pete to marry me. It was very nerve wracking but I would highly recommend proposing to each other, it felt very honouring of us both.

Was there an overall theme to your day? If so, what was it?

It was called Indi and Pete’s ‘phatty wedding’, so the theme was big and fun and a celebration of our incredible community of family and friends. The theme colours were maroon and gold which are auspicious colours, so the Moroccan tents we chose were incredibly fitting!

How would you describe your day?

Completely and utterly awesome. Better than we could have ever dreamed. It was unimaginably fun, relaxed, glorious, special and emotional. It was the best day of our lives.

How long were you planning it for, and what was the best bit?

6 months. Saturday was our ‘Big Day’ but was actually one of four days in total! Friends and family really got stuck in too; they cooked for us, helped set-up, adjusted my dress, dressed the tables, made my flowers, planned with me, played the music, DJ’d, did the sound engineering, let off the fireworks, served the food, handed out the champagne, set up the bar – just everything! Even though there were 170 sat down to eat, and 200+ in the evening – it was so intimate and friendly that many people said it was literally the best wedding they had been too!

How was your day unique to you?

Our day was unique to us because it had everyone we loved there with us and it brought our families, all our friends and community together in a spectacular celebration. Family had flown in from around the world to be together and that’s why our wedding was spread over 4 days. The venue was generously offered to us by dear friends too so it meant we could all camp and be together without time constraints, and have a Sunday session the day after too with an open mic, incredible performances from friends, cricket and games too!

What are your favourite details of the day?

Our glorious tents! We could have gone down the white marquee route and tried our best to jazz them up with decorations, but thank goodness a friend recommended The Fantastical Tent Co to us who hire out beautiful Moroccan tents. They made the whole event in many ways: having the colour and the ‘old style’ brought an element to the wedding that was indescribable as they were just so inviting, not only during the day but lit up they felt intimate at night too. They were the decoration; nothing else was needed as they were totally stunning and glorious on their own. Everyone commented on them, and Luke and his team couldn’t have helped us more with, everything, actually (including hiring the tables/chairs/crockery etc and everything else you need to feed 170 people!) – if we hadn’t have met them then the wedding would have been completely different and had a very different feeling about it undoubtedly.

How did you find your suppliers, and why did you decide on them?

As mentioned, we hired our Moroccan tents from Luke at The Fantastical Tent Co who were recommended to us, and our incredible photographer, Babb Photo, was highly recommended by another friend. She’s won awards for her photography and it’s very obvious why! It was a very clear decision to focus our money on these two incredibly important aspects of our wedding. What we paid for them was incredibly reasonable and insignificant compared to the value they both brought to our special day and forevermore.

They are both lovely people and were such a joy to work with, and now be friends with. Both were the best choices we made!

Tell us about your wedding outfits, and why you picked them.

I wore a lace patterned slim line dress on Friday (the legal bit) and on Saturday (the main ‘phatty’ event) I wore a beautiful corseted dress with a big bustled skirt – it was so gorgeous!  Both were from eBay. They were £1500 dresses that I got for £70 and £150. I had to make some alterations but that made them even more special and even more ‘mine’! We believe in recycling, reusing and repairing so it was perfect! I had no idea what Pete was going to wear and was quite nervous about it! He did an incredible job though and we somehow matched! We looked very fitting in the setting of the beautiful Chelvey Court which is so old, it’s featured in the Doomsday book! 

What was your budget?

£10K – we went over a bit, but it was worth every penny!

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their wedding, for either the planning or the lead-up?

  • I’d suggest getting family and friends involved as much as possible – when we asked if people wanted to a role, they were so excited to help out and get involved and it supports relationships and community, making it a wonderful shared experience
  • Support your local services and businesses wherever possible, it’s more personal
  • Always go with recommendations!
  • Try to avoid white marquees if you can help it and go for something different!
  • Get the best photographer you can get – the memories are what you have after the event – capture it in the best way possible
  • Always have hot tubs, sumo suits and a bouncy castle :)
  • Relax and enjoy every minute of all of it!

Thanks to Indi and Pete for sharing their amazing ‘phatty wedding’ with us!

If you would like to see more of Babb Photo visit HERE


The Suppliers…

Photographer: Babb Photo

Venue: Chelvey Court (private)

Tents: The Fantastical Tent Company

Dresses: Ebay 

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