New at Mr & Mrs Unique… Our Relaunch!!!

What Mr & Mrs Unique can do for you…

At last, we are on the final countdown to our relaunch… a brand new super site!!! In around 4 weeks I will be able to show you what we’ve been working on so hard behind the scenes!!

One of the main changes is that the directory, blog and magazine will be all on one site making it easier for you to skip between awesome wedding inspiration, cool suppliers and cool blog posts.

Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0001

Another development is that we can help you find amazing suppliers for any unique event that you are organising; whether it be a wedding, a corporate do, a milestone celebration or just an awesome party with your nearest and dearest! So you don’t need to stop using us once your wedding is over… if you have to organise party please come back and check us out to find out whats new and amazing in the event world!

Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0007 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0008

When the new site goes live we will also have some new categories for you to check out including Wedding Planning, Hair & Make Up, Fashion & Accessories, Kids, Celebrants, Music & Entertainment & Jewellery… a one stop shop for all things awesome!

Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0003 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0004

To celebrate the launch of the new site I got together with some of our incredible listed suppliers to create a little shoot to give you an idea of the kind of creativeness we like to see in our suppliers.

Mr & Mrs Unique cherry picks some of the most amazing, unique and innovative suppliers out there… nothing ordinary to see here!

Event Suppliers>> If you have an unique wedding and event business and would like to join Mr & Mrs Unique we would love to hear from you.  We have some new options available when signing up to your membership. Email for further information Come join #TeamUnique!!!

Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0005 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0006

A huge thank you to Jessica Withey Photography, Early Hours Ltd for their incredible graffiti flowers, Tattooed Bakers skull cake, Bubblegum Balloons, Hey Style for their cinema signs, Doris Loves light up letters, Russet & Gray stationery, Zoe Cornwell Hair & Make Up, Curious Fair floral headband and unique necklace, and Shoes of Prey leopard print ankle boots XX

Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0013
Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0014 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0015 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0016 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0017 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0019 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0020 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0021 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0022 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0023 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0024 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0025 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0026 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0027 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0028 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0029 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0030 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0031 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0032 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0033 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0034 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0035 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0010 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0011 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0036 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0037 Mr & Mrs Unique Relaunch_0038





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