New Cakes by Tattooed Bakers…

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New Wedding Cakes…

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Tattooed Bakers, the creative duo that blur the lines between cake, reality and art! Not only do they push the boundaries with their creations; they are a super cool, super lovely couple who have big dreams for their cake business.

They offer completely bespoke edible art, specialising in innovative high impact creations, from life-size rainbow-filled unicorns to miniature models the size of your thumbnail. So when a couple of images from their new wedding range hit my inbox I wanted to share them with you…

Keep an eye of for these two… if you want a wedding cake that is creative, unique and tasty, hit these two up! With clients such as famous artists, musicians and even Disney, they are certainly turning heads!

You can see more of their work here on the directory  

Tattooed Bakers_0002


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  1. WOW love those two cakes! Fantastic

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