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Handcrafted Paper…

Very excited to welcome the awesome Paperpoms UK to the Mr & Mrs Unique team. This amazing business began as a small start up, and has since grown to have products featured on fashion shoots, window displays, celebrity weddings and cool birthday parties… If they are good enough for Kiera Knightly and Madonna, they certainly are for us too.

Every pom pom has been made responsibly using recycled tissue paper with the welfare of the environment in mind. You should also check out their incredible tassel, piñata and paper flower ranges… We love it all!!!

Paperpoms UK…

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Tell us a bit about your business…

We are a British brand that are based in London and we take the utmost care in crafting high quality hand-made pieces. With a dedication to bringing style and craft to life, founder Juliet Carr is a contemporary designer with a love for traditional handmade craftsmanship. Our paperpoms are not only beautiful but each and every pom from the range has been made responsibly using recycled tissue paper with the welfare of the environment in mind.

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In 2009 Juliet created the only authentic paperpom in the UK. She quickly noticed a gap in the market and decided to set up a website to sell poms from home. Shortly after she left her job to keep up with demand and the now famous paperpom was born, a craze that quickly hit all corners of the country. She has now written her first book – Paper Pom Pom and Other Party Decorations Published by Cico Books.

The company has grown from a singular concept into a successful brand. Boasting clients such as HRH Queen Elizabeth, Disney, Madonna, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo and Nike to name a few.

Paperpoms look gorgeous in any venue and will guarantee to add personality to all spaces. We work closely in collaboration with Setbox Events to offer our clients full service event wedding and party production.

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What made you start up the business…

My best friend was getting married and I was to be her maid of honour, she had asked me to find wedding flowers for her and that’s when the world of weddings opened up to me! All over the internet and on American wedding and crafting blogs were these huge floaty round paper flowers. They couldn’t be bought in this country back then and could only be bought in the US and Canada.

It was as simple as finding a product that I thought people in the UK would like to buy and within such a fun and vibrant section of the market. ‘vintage’ and ‘alternative’ weddings were just becoming the new trend and Paperpoms fitted in beautifully! So I found some instructions and made my first pom. Opening my first pom changed everything for me…but it didn’t happen over-night. There was no official launch as such and I was making poms for friends for their weddings and parties.

My sister’s stylist friend Rachel Holland asked me for some poms for a fashion shoot and also for shop window which I gladly made in return for photos and like they say, the rest is history

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What makes you Unique…

We are unique because everything is made to order, we are a team of seasoned crafters who can make anything, however complicated the brief. We have the skill, knowledge and experience so we know how to create beautiful installations.
What kind of couples match your style of service…

We have been very lucky with our previous clients – They have all had different styles and ideas about what they would like for their weddings.

We have a huge range of colours and products and because everything that we do is custom made we can work with couples to create décor exactly as they imagine.

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Tells us what you love about your business…

My dream was to turn making poms and all my other unique paper products
into my full time career and not only making up small personal orders but
making big window Displays – which we have been doing now since 2010.

I also love coming into the studio and seeing pictures of our poms being used for peoples weddings and events and I love seeing the new orders and colours that people are choosing.

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Most favourite event/ wedding…

Our favourite wedding was the top secret wedding of Keira Knightley!
 We supplied over 1000 paper lanterns and paper pompoms which looked absolutely beautiful with the lovely touches that Keira included such as messages in envelopes for her friends and family that were hidden in trees, there was also a lot of a beautiful bunting!

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People’s reaction to your business…

People are very kind about my business, they love that all of our products our custom made in London and they are forever commenting on how our products give the wow factor to any event!

Future plans…

Ideally I’d love a large workshop with my studio in there, an area where we can hold our brand new Create and Craft workshops plus a tea room / bar in there so its totally social and not just all work. A Papercraft hub. And as the icing on the cake, my home would be upstairs
where I could raise my little boy and have lots of fun with him.

Welcome on board Paperpom UK!!!

To find out more visit their website here

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