• I specialise in urban wedding photography
  • I am driven to capture the moments of your wedding day as it unfolds
  • I pride myself on my process to ensure that I know exactly how your wedding is planned so I’m always in the right place at the right time
  • I work with my couples collaboratively to get the wedding photos that you want on your walls forever
  • I love dogs and I’m very used to photographing all kinds of dogs and more than happy to include yours in your wedding photos.

About Us…

At Parrot & Pineapple Photography I love colour, authenticity, storytelling, dogs, fresh coffee, urban life, lush greenery, architecture, concrete, Eastenders, cake, the smell of the London Underground, snazzy leggings, trainers and storytelling.

I believe that all love is love, good things happen when people come together and that your wedding day is the opportunity to dress up and do whatever it is that YOU want to do. To hell with tradition and what everyone else is doing. If it makes you happy on your wedding day, go for it!

I want to create beautiful images that you love and cherish as much as I love my historical family photos. They are my most treasured possessions. I am committed to learning, development and fairness. I gain so much from being with my peers; collaborating and growing as a photographer. I believe in ethical purchasing and in all areas of my business I try to buy fairly. I like to spend my money as an investment in the future – in people, the planet and our immediate environment.

All my photos are in colour! I love colour and I try to make sure that my images reflect all the colours of your wedding day. I’m a documentary wedding photographer and I like to keep my images very informal. Emotions are so important and I’ll be working hard to capture the feeling of your day, not just how it looked (even though it’ll look AWESOME). I love to collaborate with couples and have a bit of fun when it comes to taking portraits. And if you book me for a whole day, I’ll be in the middle of the dance floor capturing all the action so you get the fun wedding photography that you want.

Ideal for…

Urban couples who want to throw out the rule book when it comes to tradition.

What Makes Us Unique…

You’re marrying your best friend and you probably don’t feel like a traditional couple; so you’re not looking for traditional wedding photography. Your wedding day is being organised around having fun and making the most of your time with all the people that you love the most in the world. You might be a little nervous in front of the camera, but that’s OK, I am too (I’m happiest behind the lens!)