• An award winning Cotswold based catering team.
  • We are environmentally friendly and use believe in using high quality local produce.
  • We have a simple, uncomplicated approach.
  • We believe in high standards of service and delicious event and wedding catering

About Us…

Based in the Cotswolds, Ross & Ross Food specialise in providing you with fabulous food and drink to make your occasion special, personal and memorable.

We have a simple, uncomplicated approach – Everything revolves around our clients and the quality of the ingredients we use.

We provide a bespoke, personalised service. We sit down with you and talk through your requirements; how much you want to spend, what you want and where. And then we do what we’re best at – serving you with delicious and beautiful food guaranteed to make your event what it should be, exceptional and unforgettable.

We have a long, professional background in catering and our passion has and always will be food. 

What Makes Us Unique…

We love supporting local Cotswolds producers and incorporate some of their finest produce into our cooking – it’s a match made in heaven.

The environment and it’s protection are very important issues, and we do our best to be as environmentally friendly as we can. We source all of our ingredients and products from the excellent local producers that the Cotswold has to offer, meaning that there are very few food miles involved. Some of them are even walking distance!

On top of this, all of our gift boxes are fully recyclable. The boxes for our Street Food are made from old vegetable matter, and the napkins are made from recycled material. We recycle paper and cardboard that we use in the office.