The Fun, Rustic, Woodland Wedding of Nic & Wilf…


Photos by Cat Lane // Post by Hannah Rogers

Woodland Ceremony & Rustic Charm…

Today we’re sharing the beautiful, fun, outdoor wedding of Nic & Wilf, photographed by the fabulous Cat Lane Weddings.

Their idyllic woodland ceremony was followed by a relaxed Tipi reception (using our very own Tipi4Hire), which was filled to the brim with lovingly made handmade details. Tea Vintage also did an awesome job with the styling, as well as serving a scrummy afternoon tea!

Nic & Wilf wanted to create a day that was both fun and personal, and these gorgeous photos prove they achieved just that…we love it!

Name of the couple: Nic & Wilf

 Wedding Venue: North Hill Farm, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire

Cat from Cat Lane Weddings… rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0013 Why you love this wedding…

One of the things that makes a great wedding day is when a couple create a day that is completely true to themselves, and this is exactly what Nic & Wilf achieved with their wedding day. They had a real focus on creating a relaxed, fun atmosphere, and to top it all off, who can resist a beautiful woodland wedding ceremony!


What were the couple’s requirements…

To suit the relaxed feel of their day, Nic & Wilf were looking for a more candid, non-intrusive approach to their wedding photography which is key aspect of our style. They also requested a more opportunistic approach to their portraits with family & friends instead of making the portraits a big formal occasion. We were more than happy to accommodate, taking these portraits at different times throughout the day when the moments naturally presented themselves instead of taking guests away from the action.


Favourite details of the day…

Our favourite detail had to be the afternoon tea wedding breakfast and styling of the tipi! We are big foodies and we love any kind of wedding food that brings people together, and what better way to do that than with sandwiches, tea and lots of cake? Tea Vintage did an incredible job not only with the food but styling the tipi and tables also – their eclectic, vintage style was the perfect fit for Nic & Wilf’s wedding day.

rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0001 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0010

Favourite moment of the day…

We absolutely loved their outdoor ceremony as it suited them perfectly and was filled with personal touches. From a friend conducting the ceremony, to wonderful readings, and finishing with the best man playing the ukulele as they left the ceremony together as a newly-married couple, it was wonderful from start to finish.

Nic & Wilf…


Tell us how you met and got engaged…

We met in the Hertfordshire Mountaineering club. There aren’t too many mountains in Hertfordshire so most club events are far, far away. We first got to know each other when four of us were headed for a summer climbing trip together in the Italian Alps. The vehicle was my (Nic’s) old VW campervan and no one had any doubts that it would get us there. We didn’t even get out of the country before the AA had declared it unfit to drive. We got on well in the face of such adversity and started dating a month later.

Earlier this year we’d decided to arrange a series of alphabetical date nights. We both took it in turns to arrange an evening themed around a different letter of the alphabet. Wilf did ‘A’ and then the following week I did ‘B’ etc. etc. ‘E’ fell upon Wilf’s shoulders, which he decided (knew all along) should stand for ‘Engagement’. We continued with the dates through the alphabet and timed it perfectly for ‘W’ to be our wedding.



What were your main hopes and dreams for the day…

We hoped for everything and everyone to be relaxed. We wanted everyone to feel included and comfortable and have all they needed to have a good time regardless of age and desire to drink etc. We really wanted guests to have the option to camp so they didn’t have to worry taxis and we could put on a good breakfast BBQ in the morning and spend even more time everyone and reflect upon the day before.


Also, we really wanted people to play a part. The best man entertained guests before the service with his voice and guitar and another friend held the service itself. One friend made three phenomenal carrot cakes as a center piece whilst some brought their own contributions to sit along side, or salads to help supplement the evening hog-roast. Various other friends and their kids made signage and bunting which really gave the whole day its look. It meant a lot that the day was a product of our friends and family’s contribution. I think it meant a lot to them too.

Our last hope was that it would be dry so everyone could spread out and enjoy the space and everything that we managed to put on offer. It was a massive bonus to have sunshine and blue skies!

What was your favourite part of the day…

We enjoyed it all. It was all so relaxed we really felt like we were sharing it with everyone and everyone enjoyed being there.


How was your day unique…

We really wanted to get away from the usual reception where at 7.30pm the lights go down, the disco starts up and the alcohol really starts to take a hold. Neither Wilf or I are big drinkers, nor do we feel that comfortable on the dancefloor at discos. It was great to create an evening that worked for everyone. Tea Vintage ran an interesting (and great) bar that didn’t center around alcohol, and License to Ceilidh talked guests through dances that no one knew or were comfortable with, which ultimately got more people up and ‘having a go’ safe in the knowledge we were all rubbish! Plus we had a nice big bonfire. Everyone could find somewhere they were happy to be.


What was your budget…

We allowed ourselves a budget of 20k. The aim was to come in well under, but know we had room spend if we felt something was really important. I don’t think we came in too much under though!

What was your biggest expense…

Field hire and Tipi – Field hire came with 4 rooms in the B&B, Treehouse honeymoon suit, Shepherds Caravan (glamping suite), free camping for all our guests and use of the field the next morning for a big BBQ breakfast with all our overnight guests.


How did you save money…

We got friends to pitch in with certain tasks. Not so much as to save money, but make the day feel more uniquely ours. Plus, with such tasks, we knew no amount of money would have bought a better job. Tasks included ceremony music, bunting, cakes, salad for the hog roast and signage.

rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0021 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0008

What was is like working with your photographer…

It was great. Cat and Graham were really relaxed and knew exactly the style we were going for. We’re not keen on posing in front of the camera too much so Cat did a fantastic job of minimizing that particular pain whilst still achieving the shots she knew we’d be grateful for in the end. They captured the essence of the day perfectly, and got to work without us needing to give them a second thought. In the lead up to the big day, Cat’s communication was excellent and she was on top of our needs whilst our attention was just about everywhere else! Perfectly approachable too. Seamless!


Advice to any couples about to get married…

We didn’t look at wedding magazines or spend much time at wedding fairs. We had a relatively short amount of time to get organised (5 months) so focussed our attentions on working out what we really wanted for the day rather than what people ‘normally do’. We didn’t panic too much about spending money, just made sure we spent it on things that we, and our guests, would really appreciate.

rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0016 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0017 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0018 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0019 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0020   rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0022 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0023 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0024 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0025 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0026 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0027 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0028 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0029 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0030 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0031 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0032 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0033 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0034 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0035 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0036 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0037 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0038 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0039 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0040 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0041 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0042 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0043 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0044 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0045 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0046 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0047 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0048 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0049 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0050 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0051 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0052 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0053 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0054 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0055 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0056 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0057 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0058 rustic-outdoor-woodland-wedding_0059

The Team…

Wedding Venue: North Hill Farm, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire

Tipis: Tipis4Hire 

Afternoon Tea, Table, Decor: Tea Vintage 

Evening Hog Roast: Eastwoods Butchers, Berkhamsted

Photo Booth: Clara the Vintage Caravan

Ice cream Van: Elsie’s Ices

Ceilidh band: License to Ceilidh

Wedding Dress: Ted Baker

Grooms Attire: Ted Baker

Flowers: Andrew Flemming, Chorleywood

Stationery: Designed by the bride, printed at local printer

Cake: Three different sizes and recipes of carrot cake, all made by friend Sarah North

Décor: Table décor by Tea Vintage (as above). Bunting by friend Clair.

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