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One of the biggest decisions you will make on your wedding day is how to feed your guests. Between the ceremony and the evening, bellies need to be filled to keep guests happy and energised.

So where do you start to look for a caterer that will match your needs? Does the idea of a traditional sit down 3 course dinner fill you with dread? Well, this is exactly where Mr & Mrs Unique can help- we can advise you on some of the best options out there, ones we really believe in.

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Sausage & Pear is one such caterer; they are part of our Mr & Mrs Unique directory plus they’re an award winning catering team that covers London, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Wiltshire AND the Cotswolds!!! Husband and wife team Claire & Ross Moore love what they do and they have spent years making their company a leader in wedding and event catering.

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Ross tells us ‘We believe in working with locally, organically grown fruit and vegetables, source our meat from one of the oldest butchers in the Country, and we love to push our catering to the next visual level working alongside edible flowers and striking micro-herbs. We love to sit down with couples, hear their exciting ideas and work on creating a perfect feast for their big day’.

What Mr & Mrs Unique loves about Sausage and Pear is their creative flair when it comes to wedding catering. Whether it’s a rustic sharing platter, a posh slap up gourmet BBQ, asian inspired dishes or fining dining with a twist, they always look to meet client expectations and add a touch of Sausage and Pear magic to any event. At the end of the day you want people to remember every moment of your wedding including the food!

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They will start your wedding journey with you from the very beginning with taster sessions and will make sure you are happy with every attention to detail until the  wedding day is over. They also believe in using local, organic fruit and veg, plus the best quality meat to make sure every bite is visual and tasting treat.

So if you would like to find out a little more about their creative catering team you can visit their website here or email them here.

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  1. Gemma Davies - Sincerely Yours says:

    Having worked with Sausage & Pear I completely agree with all of the above!!! They provide a wonderful service and really do ‘cater’ to your every need!

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