• There are two of us, so we can be in two places at once
  • Don’t worry if you hate posing: we’ll make portraits really easy
  • We’ll help you enjoy your wedding (we’re very good at calming nerves)
  • Planning is fun, so ask if you need any pre-wedding tips
  • You’ll love your pictures

About Us…

Hello from your new favourite photographers- September Pictures. We’re an English girl and a California boy dividing our time between London and Los Angeles, and we’d love to shoot your elopement or wedding wherever you are.

We’ve been shooting good people getting married for almost ten years: we met when we were both music photographers, and then turned our hands to weddings when our friends started getting hitched (shout out to Sophia and Otto, our very first clients, who hired us because they “didn’t want wedding photographers”). And guess what? WE LOVED IT. That was 2011, and we’ve never looked back. Now we shoot the same way we shoot music festivals: lots of candids documenting everyone’s best day ever, plus a few rock-star portraits.

Ideal for…

…creative couples who want to thoroughly enjoy their elopement or wedding day but still get pictures they’ll love looking at for the rest of their lives. We specialise in making portraits easy, even if you hate having your photo taken (everyone says they hate having their photo taken) and we hereby officially promise we won’t drag you away from your loved ones away for hours unless you want us to. If you’re planning your nuptial adventures and want laid-back photographers who’ll document every detail and capture every emotion, sign us up!

What Makes Us Unique…

We both started as photojournalists (Rachel has a journalism degree and everything), then started working on fun commercial jobs, too. Now we bring all that experience to our weddings, giving you a fantastically well-rounded team: we document the best bits of your best day. And if you’re worried that it won’t be your best day, don’t be: we’re both very accustomed to wedding-day anxiety, stressy relatives, bridesmaid wardrobe malfunctions and the like. We’re experts in helping brides and grooms stay calm. Don’t worry: your wedding’s going to be brilliant.