How to shop indie for your wedding

Indie Wedding Shopping…

If you’re on the hunt for alternative, quirky wedding suppliers to bring your wedding dreams to life, you may have already realised that your best bet is probably an independent supplier. They have more scope for flexibility with your ideas, are generally much more creative, and have smaller teams (meaning a smoother relationship with them from start to finish). And that’s not to mention that wonderfully famous happy dance every small business owner does when you place an order, and the feeling of satisfaction you receive from supporting their dream when building your own.

And if you’re already here on the veritable hub of all things unique wedding ideas, Mr & Mrs Unique, the chances are that you’re pretty sold on the idea of having indie wedding suppliers. But, how do you find them? As they’re smaller, they tend not to have huge marketing budgets, and so they might not be so obvious to find. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back – here’s our top tips on how to shop indie for your big day.

Shop your feed

Straight off the back of that marketing chat, a super powerful tool to connect with independent wedding suppliers is social media. Sure, small businesses don’t typically have thousands of pounds to sink into posters on the side of buses or billboards in Piccadilly Square; but they do have great images, huge hearts and stories to tell for free on the ‘gram. Scout for suppliers on social media, and instagram especially. Check hashtags, the geotag for your wedding venue, and don’t be afraid to go down a rabbit hole when you find something you love!

Don’t be put off if they’re not strictly a ‘wedding’ supplier

You never know – they might only be that because no-one’s ever asked them that before. That doesn’t mean they can’t become one! If you really love an item, style or venue that doesn’t advertise itself as bridal, just get in touch and ask. This is true whether it’s a warehouse space you’ve fallen head over heels for or a really nice sequinned pink dress – nothing arbitrary makes them a wedding supplier other than forward-thinking alternative people – aka, you! – choosing them for their weddings.

Tell your suppliers your love story

You may be sick of telling people how it all began by now but most wedding suppliers will absolutely LOVE hearing about how you guys met. Not a Shakespeare-length play, mind, but a condensed version that keeps in all the key elements. That way, they can tailor what they’re offering you to fit your personal requirements exactly. For example, if you met in Mexico, your food suppliers may suggest tequila and taco hours instead of cocktails and canapés, or if you have a song that’s your thing your dressmaker could embroider it in for you.

Use directories you trust

And I’m not just saying this because we have one, either – directories are your godsend when looking for alternative, indie wedding suppliers. If there’s a blog you love that just keeps hitting it out of the park with great info and inspo, check out their directory to bolster your supplier list. The owners will only take on the directory members they truly believe in, so it’s a great vetting process before you’ve even begun!


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