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Today we bring you a post from the team at Arcade Flowers in Hampshire. We featured this article in our newest edition of our magazine and in case you missed it, I wanted to share it again!

For those brides having a Springtime/Summer wedding here is some sound advice on how to get the right wedding flowers for your big day and how to get the most out of your florist…

Don’t restrict us, trust us…

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If you would like to have the ultimate in unique bouquets, especially made for you, then the answer is simple. You need to find a florist you trust.

As florists we scan the markets for the best seasonal blooms and quite honestly, although we have a rough idea, we never quite know just when some cheeky lovely floral chaps will be flowering. Our flowers are sourced from local gardens from passionate growers, and from as far as Columbia and Asia. Very often we see amazing little specimens that are unusually available out of the predicted season and we want to put them in your bouquet! I guess what I am saying is don’t restrict us, trust us!

We don’t expect you to be the expert in the Latin names of various flora. You are the expert in how you would like your wedding to feel and look. We always ask our clients to bring images of everything they love, all things weddingy and that way we can truly proverbially slip into your wedding dress and saunter around.

A florist is a designer and although the majority of questions should be about the flowers, they should also get to know the feel of your wedding. Their job is to create the ultimate floral decoration that will give you the look you are after and the ambiance you dream of. Surely this can only be done when taking into consideration the whole of your wedding, the setting, the dress, the invites, the music. Let them know about it all and sit back and watch them get creative.

We are always honest with our clients. The thing is, flowers for your wedding are not about the big sale. There needs to be trust, and you can’t just trust somebody that says what you want to hear. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to check out their reviews, their website, visit them, talk to them and make that link. And then if you feel that they are the right fit, say I do!

For more information on Arcade Flowers you can check out their brilliant website here

Here is our most recent magazine if you have yet to check it out- Enjoy!

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