• Each and every stretch tent setup is unique – designed to suit your ideas. 
  • With over 60 tents to choose from we can find you the perfect tent. 
  • Experienced and dedicated stretch tent supplier with a huge history of happy customers each with their own unique stories.
  • We wouldn’t trust your event with anything other than genuine Freeform stretch tents from the original stretch tent manufacturer installed immaculately with skills honed over the years.
  • Add our beautiful finishes from flooring, lighting, dancefloors and bars and we can provide for your whole event! 

About Us…

The Stretch Tent Company is a dedicated stretch tent supplier with years of experience that are providing tents for some of the UK’s best outdoor events. With a huge range of tents to choose from and the freedom to design your tent to suit your space and requirements, each and every one of our installations are truly unique and truly unforgettable.

Ideal for…

The Stretch Tent Company tents are ideal for wedding parties that want a truly unique structure that seamlessly merge the indoors and the outdoors. If the space you are trying to use is impossible for traditional marquees, tipis and other alternatives then our flexible tents can be the ideal solution. If you have an awkward courtyard, sloping back garden, or want to incorporate some small trees and garden features then our tents are the perfect option. Equally, they look awesome in an open field! 

What Makes Us Unique…

Each and every wedding tent we deliver is totally unique! With no fixed pole positions the bespoke form of our tents can be designed to suit your space and imagination. We can also provide a great range of unique finishing touches from handmade reclaimed pallet wood and wine box bars to tailor made beautiful hanging lighting solutions. Being a dedicated stretch tent supplier with years of experience that gives you the choice of over 60 tents to choose from also makes us pretty unique! 

Types of Tents Available… 

We are dedicated stretch tent experts that exclusively provide stretch tents. This means we can be focused on rigging the best and most beautiful stretch tent structures available. From 6x8m tents for small intimate ceremonies to 20x25m tents for large wedding celebrations the choice is huge (link to We offer tents in white, chino or black in square, rectangular, circular or oval shapes. For the DIY weddings we can also provide pop up gazebo tents for temporary kitchens or back of house spaces nicely hidden behind your stretch tent.