Stunning Somerset gardens & a vintage tea party!

Rhian & Chris_0065 Photos by: Noel Deasington

This gorgeous wedding of Rhian & Chris was captured by Noel Deasington at Hestercombe Gardens, Taunton in Somerset. Both Rhian & Chris love of tea and cakes was reflected in their vintage tea party reception.

Here Noel the photographer and the couple tell us about  their day… sit back and enjoy… the landscape is pretty incredible!

Noel Deasington: 

I loved this wedding because it was fresh, modern and stylish. The autumn light was amazing and Hestercombe Gardens is one of my favourite places I’ve shot. Chris and Rhian are lovely too, I knew we were going to get on when we met for a portrait shoot which you can see a few here

My favourite details from the day was Rhian’s dress, the beautiful table tops, the ceilidh band and the stunning venue.

The best part of the day for me was the ceremony at the alter at the top of the hill, looking out over an amazing view!

Rhian & Chris: 

How did you meet and get engaged: 

We first met through work, but actually got together a few years later when Rhian returned from travelling.

I proposed to Rhian on our last day of our holiday in Thailand at the Red Sky Bar on the rooftop of the Centara Grand in Bangkok.  I wanted it to be somewhere special and the view from the skyscraper bar was was amazing up there.

What was your theme for the wedding day:

Vintage Tea Party –  We were inspired by the venue and our love of tea and cake! We both knew we did not want it to be too formal so we opted for an afternoon tea followed by a BBQ later.

Rhian organised the table settings, tea set and candleabra’s for the day which worked well with the hall and I organised the birdcages, the ivy and our cakes, with a little help from our families.

What was your favourite part of the day:

Other than the magnificent afternoon tea? The Ceilidh band – they were brilliant and everyone got involved and had fun – just what we had hoped for.

Special details from the day:

We knew when we saw Hestercombe Gardens and it’s buildings that the venue was going to be great. Walking up to and getting married at the Temple was especially beautiful and the guests really enjoyed it.

What was it like working with Noel:

Great- the engagement shoot meant we were used to one another and he makes it easy, not cheesy especially when we both hate having our photo’s taken!

Everyone was very impressed with him on the day and the fantastic photo’s he took are testament to that. I think we should have payed him danger money during the Ceidlah!

Rhian & Chris_0002 Rhian & Chris_0003 Rhian & Chris_0004 Rhian & Chris_0005 Rhian & Chris_0006 Rhian & Chris_0007 Rhian & Chris_0008 Rhian & Chris_0009 Rhian & Chris_0010 Rhian & Chris_0011 Rhian & Chris_0012 Rhian & Chris_0013 Rhian & Chris_0014 Rhian & Chris_0015 Rhian & Chris_0016 Rhian & Chris_0017 Rhian & Chris_0018 Rhian & Chris_0019 Rhian & Chris_0020 Rhian & Chris_0021 Rhian & Chris_0022 Rhian & Chris_0023 Rhian & Chris_0024 Rhian & Chris_0025 Rhian & Chris_0026 Rhian & Chris_0027 Rhian & Chris_0028 Rhian & Chris_0029 Rhian & Chris_0030 Rhian & Chris_0031 Rhian & Chris_0032 Rhian & Chris_0033 Rhian & Chris_0034 Rhian & Chris_0035 Rhian & Chris_0001 Rhian & Chris_0037 Rhian & Chris_0038 Rhian & Chris_0039 Rhian & Chris_0040 Rhian & Chris_0041 Rhian & Chris_0042 Rhian & Chris_0043 Rhian & Chris_0044 Rhian & Chris_0045 Rhian & Chris_0046 Rhian & Chris_0047 Rhian & Chris_0048 Rhian & Chris_0049 Rhian & Chris_0050 Rhian & Chris_0051 Rhian & Chris_0052 Rhian & Chris_0053 Rhian & Chris_0054 Rhian & Chris_0055 Rhian & Chris_0056 Rhian & Chris_0057 Rhian & Chris_0058 Rhian & Chris_0059 Rhian & Chris_0060 Rhian & Chris_0061 Rhian & Chris_0062 Rhian & Chris_0063 Rhian & Chris_0064
Rhian & Chris_0066 Rhian & Chris_0067 Rhian & Chris_0068 Rhian & Chris_0069 Rhian & Chris_0070 Rhian & Chris_0071
Rhian & Chris_0072


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