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The Colour filled Barn Wedding of Michelle & Jason…

Colour & Homemade Details…

Happy Friday folks! Today I end the week on a high sharing with you the wedding of Michelle & Jason. This gorgeous couple got married at the Barns Hotel in Bedford and literally filled the venue with homemade details!

They decorated with colourful bunting, pom poms, balloons and brought along items from their home that meant a lot to them, including artwork to make it more personal.

Plus Michelle had the most amazing gold sparkly wedding shoes on.. think I need a pair myself! Thanks to Alexa Loy Photography for the photos- Ive enjoyed every moment looking through them… hope you all love them as much as me :))

Michelle & Jason…

Michelle & Jason Bedford Wedding alexa Loy_0002

We got married at the Barns Hotel in Bedford in their lovely ‘Tithe Barn’. I wanted the wedding to have a humble, down-to-earth feel and the barn felt really cosy and intimate. I really liked the contrast of the old dark wood with the bright, modern colours that we chose. The wedding was November last year (I had a cute brolly on hand for when it started to rain!)

Michelle & Jason Bedford Wedding alexa Loy_0039 Michelle & Jason Bedford Wedding alexa Loy_0004

I’m a collage illustrator, so I have a love of all things paper and I love cheerful colours and playful, fun typography! I definitely wanted the wedding to have a handmade feel…I made the bunting out of coloured card which

The Brighton Mini-Wedding Celebration of Lauren & Eoghan…

A Personal Brighton Celebration…

Oh man, I love Brighton!! As soon as I saw these photos by Alexa Loy Photography, of couple Lauren & Eoghan I knew I wanted to share them with you! Brighton holds a piece of my heart too as I got engaged there many years ago.

Lauren & Eoghan planned to celebrate with family and friends at a Humanist Ceremony in Kent, but had to have the ‘official part’ done a few days beforehand and chose to get married in Brighton with just Lauren’s parents as witnesses.

So many couples are nowadays choosing this option… what I love is that they got Alexa to capture those moments of just the two of them, after they officially became man and wife.

Lauren tells us about the day…

Alexa Loy Engagement shoot_0003

We’d been engaged for 4 years without making any firm plans. Different ups and downs in those years prompted us to decide we didn’t want to wait any longer. Much to people’s surprise we planned our wedding in only two months. We knew what we didn’t want and what was most important to us.

Nailing our priorities in the first few weeks really helped. We didn’t want to force our guests to sing hymns they didn’t know the words to, or to sit through readings from the bible they didn’t understand. We wanted our