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Stylish Christmas Presents For Her + For Him… Check out these epic gift ideas from Amara

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Christmas is COMING!!!

We are finally on the countdown to Christmas and the task of finding gifts for your loved ones has begun!

If like me you have been with your partner for a while, it’s bloomin’ hard to keep finding new and ‘original‘ gifts to give each other year after year; Lee is already moaning that he doesn’t know what to get me!

To be honest, I try not to fall into the Black Friday and Christmas season consumerism hell hole… I don’t like to over spoil my kids and my living room on Christmas day doesn’t look like a toy warehouse. What we try to do in our household, is buy one or two special gifts and then gets some fun stocking fillers. For me this year, Christmas is all about comfort… If I was to get anything like PJ’s, slippers, smellies, cushions, candles I would be one happy lass!

Today I have some serious cool and stylish gifts ideas from Amara; so whether you have just begun your Christmas shopping, looking for your final few pieces or planning on leaving it to last minute, I have some fab ideas for him and for her.

Enjoy shopping!

Ideas for the ladies…

1. Gradient Candle Holder – Triple – Red Pink – pols potten £38

2. Pegasus Cushion – Silken Favours …

Super Cool Valentines Gifts for Her & Him…

Valentine’s Day… Im a sucker for it.

Now I understand its not for everyone and that you shouldnt feel like you have to buy someone a gift, but I LOVE giving someone a present especially if it makes that person feel special and appreciated. Lets be honest here… Im not the easiest person to live with! I’m a mum of two crazy kids, I run my own business, Im sometimes sleep deprived, I juggle daily life (just about!) and I’m sometimes I’m a bit loopy (but aint we all! ;)  If Valentine’s Day is an excuse for us to give each other a little gift to say ‘thanks for putting up with me’ and put everything on hold to spend some ‘us’ time together, then so be it!

So you’ve decide to get something for your better half but you have no idea what to get? Well today I share with you some cool gifts ideas from luxurious interior design and stylish gifts website Amara.

From designers such as Jonathan Adler and Tom Dixon to luxurious home accessories perfect for adding a grand touch to your home décor, Amara have something to suit every couple’s sense of style!

See below my personal pick for Valentine’s Day… Don’t let me forget to send this on to my hubby!!


1. 3 Road Candle Holder-