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Creative Dreamers Magical Barn Wedding at The Giraffe Shed

Magical Creative Wedding at The Giraffe Shed…

We are beyond excited to be able to share this dreamboat of a wedding, the first-ever at MMU supplier’s The Giraffe Shed.

We’ve swooned over the perfect countryside setting, the blank canvas modern barn with endless possibilities so it’s such a thrill to see how this American Groom and Welsh Bride created their dream day there.  And what a day it was filled to the rafters with a shed load of incredible DIY projects – hand-dyed linens, custom artwork alter backdrops, hand-stamped place cards, home-roasted coffee favors and so much more.

The multi-talented bride even took a course to be able to master the floral styling on the day, with the exception of the bouquets which were lovingly prepared by the wonderful Grace & Thorn. And just wait until you see the bridal outfit, only an Odylyne The Ceremony gown with personalised Hermione De Paula veil.

Bravo Zach & Hannah, bravo.

Zach & Hannah…

How did you meet and get engaged?

ZachWe met in Northern California. She showed up to a music gig I was playing and I saw her across the room. I recognized her from a previous event so I made my way over and asked her to dance. Thinking I had been the one to make the first move, little did

The laidback, badass elopement of Jen and Bryan at Little White Wedding Chapel, Las Vegas

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Photography by Ed Godden

Badass Las Vegas Elopement

This wedding is an actual dream, so much so that we almost feel like we are not worthy (we said almost…) After they’d booked a bucket-list holiday to Hawaii with a layover in Vegas, Jen and Bryan decided one night that whilst they were there, they may as well get married.

With the same laidback, badass approach, they planned the Las Vegas elopement of dreams: a chill morning getting ready together, walking through the Bellagio casino to their limo, and getting married in A Little White Wedding Chapel, in all of its vintage Americana glory. You can feel the heat bouncing off the sidewalk and the buzz and excitement of Vegas coming through the screen in these photos from Ed Godden – and yet at all times, Jen and Bryan look impossibly cool.

Jen and Bryan…

How did you meet, and how did you get engaged?

We were both involved in the BMX world – Bryan used to build skate parks and Jen used to photograph events for a well know energy drink company so we had crossed paths a few times, although Jen never remembered meeting Bryan. We finally met in a very old fashioned way… Facebook. We never officially got engaged – instead, we had booked an amazing ‘bucket list’ holiday to Hawaii which stopped