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Vibrant Moroccan Wedding Inspiration with Bohemian Vibes…

Vibrant Moroccan Wedding Inspiration with Bohemian Vibes…

I don’t know about you but I need a burst of brightness, an injection of colourful joy and this shoot provides just that.Β  Capturing the vibe of Morocco exquisitely, each supplier brought their A-game with an array of handmade and bespoke pieces which came together for an overall look that was carefully curated and perfectly on point.

Sit back and soak up the rainbow.

Where did you get your inspiration from?Β 

I decided to put together this Moroccan inspired wedding shoot after being inspired by the rich and vibrant colours of a recent trip to Morocco. I love colour, the more the better! I wanted to put something together to show brides and grooms to be that they can be inspired by anything and any place for their wedding, and to have fun and be creative with it!

How did you find the suppliers who made this concept come to life?Β 

I chose some amazing suppliers to help put my vision together and I was blown away with what was created, it exceeded expectations. I mostly contacted suppliers who I have been following on Instagram, loved their work and wanted to connect! We used the Tap Room at Missing Link Brewery in West Sussex as the venue, and I deliberately chose local suppliers from the South East to

How To Prepare For A Boiling Hot Wedding Day

Hot Summer Wedding Day Tips

Sure, your wedding’s going to be cool af because you’re cool, but is the weather going to be cool as well? Most people dream of a scorching hot day for their Summer wedding, with visions of idyllic outdoor ceremonies under a bright blue sky and light summer nights boozing and schmoozing. However – with the British weather as it all too often is – very few people actually prepare for extreme heat, which can make your wedding day super uncomfortable both for you, and your guests! If your day is set to be an absolute scorcher, here’s our tips for a boiling hot wedding day:

Have your wedding ceremony under shade

It’s super important to be shady at your Summer wedding. The sun feels lovely on your skin for a bit, but after half an hour sitting/standing and sweating in it it’s less than ideal. This is especially true for young children, those with sensitive skin and the elderly. Consider having your ceremony underneath in some woodland, or under a canopy. Alternatively, why not provide some parasols for guests to put up when it all gets too much? Check out our marquee and tent page HERE for some ideas.

Another great way to prepare for a hot outdoors wedding is to arrange your aisle and seats pointing away from the …