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Sunday Round Up… The Ups & Downs

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Naming Ceremony- Venue: Henlow Bridge Lakes Photo taken by my friend Anna from Little Flea

Morning folks…

Todays post is being brought to you with a little sigh of relief as the sun is hiding slightly! Im telling you now, that all of that bright, hot sun on my pale, freckled skin has been doing me no good!! Lots of SFP 50 and vodka, tonic’s and ice to get me through! Haha!

It’s been a couple of weeks of big up and downs within the Mr & Mr Unique world and personally.  There has been a few hard lessons I’ve learnt regarding business (there shall be a post about this soon,) and an immediate family member has been really poorly- which sucks!

But with everything that has been chucked at me the past two weeks, Ive had some really smashing days… Last Sunday I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday and my kids naming ceremony with close family and friends, which was held at Henlow Bridge Lakes. It was such an amazing day and I can’t wait to show you photos!

Mr & Mrs Unique has also been shortlisted as one of the best UK alternative wedding blogs by Wedding Magazine, and I’m up against some AMAZING blogs. Just for my work to be recognised up against my peers truly made my day, plus …