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Will the Google announcement effect your business?!

Do you have a mobile-friendly website?!

A bit of a change from the normal wedding posts today peeps!

Hope you don’t mind as I steer in the direction of writing a quick post to support and advise wedding businesses, in fact any business that needs traffic to their website!

Last month Google announced that as of 21st April 2015 all websites has to be mobile friendly or it will be demoted in the mobile search rankings. 

With over 60% of all online searches being carried out via mobile devices, Google wants to offer their users the ultimate experience, and that means businesses have to make changes to their sites if they don’t want to drop down in the listings.

When I first heard this I thought crikey! My business depends on sending traffic through to peoples website, so it something ive been working on behind the scenes, whilst managing a totally redevelopment of our website that we are currently working on and launching in a couple of months.

So this is where we can help your business…

Last week I mentioned that we are bringing in three new people into the Mr & Mrs Unique fold, and one of them is the lovely Eugene. Eugene is a highly experienced online marketing and SEO wizard and he has been working with us on the redevelopment of …