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Food Porn with Social Pantry

I am very excited to tell you all today a little bit more about the wonderful catering company that is Social Pantry! After having a few conversations with Alex about her company, the food she creates and her ethos behind her work, I decided that we needed to see things first hand. So one windy Thursday our team travelled down to their Battersea HQ to meet Alex (founder), her chef’s and to see the passion behind the talent.

I was joined by our lovely resident food critic Paul David Chambers; and this is what he thought:

When you meet Alex Head, you are immediately struck by her passion, her sheer effervescence when she speaks of anything food oriented. It was this energy that drove her to sell sandwiches from the back of her push bike at the tender age of 14, then through cookery school in Ireland, to working in and running restaurants before ending up with the delightful and bustling business that is now Social Pantry.

Providing catering experiences for weddings that seek that certain special something, Social Pantry continually strive to push the boundaries with their simple yet sumptuous dishes that are a pleasing assault on the senses. At first enchanting you visually (they believe that you eat with your eyes first), the food continues to enthral and seduce you with …