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A vibrant Scottish + Mexican multicultural wedding held at East Soar Farm, Devon

A colourful multicultural wedding in Devon…

What a joyful wedding we have to share with you today!

Bride Lupe and groom Doug chose East Soar Farm on the coast of Devon to hold their spectacular outdoor ceremony. They both wanted their wedding day to be a celebration of both their cultures; with colourful Mexican Day of the Dead inspired decor working alongside some traditional Scottish-English detailing.

From Mexican food, papel picado bunting and margaritas to bag pipes, tartan and Beatles songs; it was the perfect fusion of everything they both love.

Thanks to Emma Stoner for capturing it so beautifully….

Lupe & Doug…

How did you meet? 

On a feature film set in New York that we were both working. Lupe was Doug’s boss.

How did you get engaged?

The proposal was a lovely at home affair. On a quiet morning that we were both off, Doug surprised me by wanted to make me breakfast in bed, Biscuits and Gravy (a popular Southern dish and my favorite). When he was done cooking, he asked me to join him in the living room, where he had snuck in a brand new Tiffany colored Bianchi road bike and was on one knee with a small bar of silver in a ring box. I had always told him I didn’t want a diamond, so he bought me a

The Super Colourful, Eco-Friendly Wedding of Elena & Simon…

Relaxed, Outdoor Wedding in Devon…

Today we have a fabulously colourful, homemade wedding at a horse rescue centre in the South Devon Countryside. Photographed by one of our fantastic suppliers, Emma Stoner Weddings, Elena and Simon’s day was personal, vibrant, relaxed and environmentally friendly!

Elena & Simon…

Super colourful, eco-friendly wedding at Ash Farm Rescue Centre nr Dartmouth, Devon. Photos by Emma Stoner Photography.

Tell us how you met and got engaged…

We met in Australia, Simon was living in Bondi with some mutual friends. Simon then moved to work at a cattle ranch in central Queensland, Elena went to visit him for a couple of weeks and stayed for 5 months. We’ve been travelling and living together ever since.

We got engaged at home, just the two of us, where Simon presented an engagement ring made from an opal mined in Queensland Australia, the place our story began.

Super colourful, eco-friendly wedding at Ash Farm Rescue Centre nr Dartmouth, Devon. Photos by Emma Stoner Photography.

What were your main hopes for the day…

For everyone to enjoy themselves with delicious food and drinks.  We were inspired to have a wedding that used as many local businesses and resources as possible. We were keen to have a wedding that had a small environmental impact and wanted to use small businesses and charities as much as possible, rather than huge corporations. We used all biodegradable plates, cutlery and cups producing just two bags of ladfill waste for the entire day and evening.

Originally we used wedding magazines to inspire