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Exciting News… Snap Photography Festival!

Babb Photo Snap Photography Festival_0001

Snap Photography Festival…

Date: 13th – 17th April 2015

Venue: fforest (one of our listed venues!)

Organiser: Babb Photo

For all you photographers out there…

When I think about Mr & Mrs Unique, for me its always about the suppliers on board and how bloody brilliant they all are. I love working with them, I love seeing what they achieve, I love the projects they work on…

So today I bring you some exciting news for all your photography lovers… the rather marvellous Laura from Babb Photo is putting together the UK’s first ever photography festival ‘SNAP‘ aimed at wedding and lifestyle photographers, held at fforest in Wales!!

Babb Photo Snap Photography Festival_0005Photo by India Hobson

With an epic line up of super talented photographers and the backdrop of the stunning venue that is fforest (yes, Ive had the pleasure of staying there, and yes it rocks!!!) it promises to be an amazing weekend of photography, knowledge, friendship and campfires! So make sure you book a place, and do it soon before they all sell out!

Mr & Mrs Unique hopes to support Laura and the SNAP festival build up- Can’t wait to see how the first festival turns out… Im pretty sure it will be spectacular!

Here is a bit more about the event, why Laura started it and who will be speaking at the festival……

Woodland Weddings Update…

Woodland events_0001

Busy start of the year…

I had an email coming through this weekend from Bob who runs Woodland Weddings and he was updating me on their successful start of the wedding season.

Woodland Weddings work with the Forestry Commission on bespoke woodland weddings and they have a variety of sites throughout the country. It’s perfect if you are looking for an outdoor festival type of wedding and it offers flexibility so you can push the boat out and achieve your dream day.

Here are some new images from their events so far this year… Looks fab! If you want to get in touch with them please click here

Woodland events_0003 Woodland events_0004 Woodland events_0005 Woodland events_0006 Woodland events_0007 Woodland events_0008 Woodland events_0009 Woodland events_0010 Woodland events_0011 Woodland events_0013 Woodland events_0014 Woodland events_0015 Woodland events_0016 Woodland events_0017 Woodland events_0018 Woodland events_0019 Woodland events_0020