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New Cakes by Tattooed Bakers…

Tattooed Bakers_0001

New Wedding Cakes…

I have a bit of a soft spot for the Tattooed Bakers, the creative duo that blur the lines between cake, reality and art! Not only do they push the boundaries with their creations; they are a super cool, super lovely couple who have big dreams for their cake business.

They offer completely bespoke edible art, specialising in innovative high impact creations, from life-size rainbow-filled unicorns to miniature models the size of your thumbnail. So when a couple of images from their new wedding range hit my inbox I wanted to share them with you…

Keep an eye of for these two… if you want a wedding cake that is creative, unique and tasty, hit these two up! With clients such as famous artists, musicians and even Disney, they are certainly turning heads!

You can see more of their work here on the directory  

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Mr & Mrs Unique Baroque Bridal Photo Shoot…

Asylum Photo Shoot Brighton photo_0001

Photography by Brighton Photo

Pink Baroque Bridal Shoot at Asylum…

We love a good photo shoot at Mr & Mrs Unique. I personally love the creative process of coming up with photo shoot ideas, creating mood boards, the planning and organising… Most of all I love pulling together some amazing Mr & Mrs Unique wedding supplier to take part as I know they always push the boundaries.

I had been speaking with Heather from Brighton Photo for a while about creating a Mr & Mrs Unique Photo shoot together, then email hit my inbox. It was from Heather saying she had found a venue that she would like to work with and was it of interest to me.

The venue in question was Asylum, Caroline Gardens Chapel in Peckham, London. The Chapel despite being called Asylum, was never a home for lunatics, but it actually was a ‘sanctuary’ (old folks home) for retired pub landlords!

With its crumbling interior walls and stained glass windows it offered a real theatrical feel, I was so excited to jump on board with the project.

Immediately it was discussed that a Baroque theme would suit the venue, so I set about creating a mood board that would inspire the suppliers that would work on this photo shoot. I was keen to soften the baroque vibe slightly- bring in colours …