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Glastonbury Festival 2017 Round Up…. Glasto with Kids!

Glastonbury 2017…

Ahh wonderful Glastonbury… its been over 12 years since I last saw your wonders (yikes, am I really that old?!)

I have always been a festival girl at heart – I love everything about it from the music, to the food, the fashion, the diversity, the nightlife to the wonderful corners filled with art installations and festival parades.

I spent most of my twenties hitting the festival scene but when I turned thirty I got married to Lee and a year later we were parents; sadly my good old festival days were behind me!  This was until 2015 when some mates and I got drunk at Christmas and on a whim booked Wilderness tickets; we left the kids with our parents and spent the weekend eating great food, covered in glitter and dancing till dawn in the Valley… we had an incredible time and my love for festivals was reborn!

Glastonbury is one festival I would really love to return too, but now I have kids its been something Ive been really hesitant about- Do I really want to struggle with camping, 100,000’s of people, the dirt, portaloos, the late nights and two misfit kids to run after?! So when our lovely Mr & Mrs Unique supplier Emma from Emma Stoner Photography was off to photograph Glastonbury this year with her two year …

Planning A Non-Tradtional Wedding Ceremony? Advice from Starr Gazing Ceremonies…

Advice from Starr Gazing Ceremonies on planning your independent wedding ceremony.

A Unique, Personal Celebration…

Have you been looking at different options for your wedding ceremony? Do you want something that is personal and reflects you both as a couple?

Well, today we have Louisa from Starr Gazing Ceremonies (who is a member of our directory) sharing some advice for couples looking for a non-traditional ceremony…

Louisa from Starr Gazing Ceremonies…

Advice from Starr Gazing Ceremonies on planning your independent wedding ceremony.

What is the difference between a tradition church marriage and an independent ceremony?

Starr Gazing Ceremonies works as an Independent Celebrant which means that the only belief that I follow is that the beliefs and wants of the couple. If a couple wants a ceremony that is non-religious, religious, pagan, spiritual, agnostic or any belief that they follow or indeed don’t follow, that is the belief that I follow too. My main belief is to ensure that the couple receive a ceremony that reflects their own beliefs, philosophies, preferences, wants and that it reflects their personalities and characters too.

What kind of flexibility is there with an Independent Celebrant? Are there any rules or regulations?

With myself, there are no rules apart from having fun and enjoying the ceremony part of the day. It is often a part that is ignored and is over and done with so quickly that the importance of it is not recognised. This is the part of the day where