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How to deal with family issues and drama at your wedding

Avoiding family issues and drama on your wedding day…

Weddings are a super emotional time for everyone – of course they are, you’re GETTING MARRIED! EEP – and this includes your family.

Family, however you define that word, carry with them a very specific set of emotions and behaviours as they’re a totally unique idea: as the saying goes, you can’t choose them, but you wouldn’t choose anyone else either. (Well, actually, you may have done, and that’s totally fine too – there is no judgement here.)

If you’re worried about managing family tensions in the run-up to your wedding and on the day itself, don’t panic! We’ve asked our crack squad of talented, experienced suppliers for their advice to minimise and eliminate any worries. Your main focus is your own happiness, and making sure the day is everything you wanted it to be!

Talk to your support team

The team at Upton Barn and the Walled Garden say the number one thing is to talk to your support team. “It’s corny but it’s true – a problem shared is a problem halved! Express your concerns with your trusted entourage. Task a bridesmaid or usher with keeping an eye on potential culprits.” This may seem like a heavyย  job to give them, but remember that this was actually the original point of having …